15+ Cottagecore Fashion Brands for a Whimsical Wardrobe


TikTok has made cottagecore fashion hugely popular in recent years. I have always loved cottage care fashion, but I wasn’t sure what to call it.

It’s exciting to have a name finally! Cottagecore fashion is the “dark academia of summer” for me, so it’s what I gravitate to as the months heat up.

Cottagecore outfits are becoming more popular with Taylor Swift’s last two albums, Folklore and Evermore. That whimsical feel is what we all desire.

Cottagecore style mixes the European or UK country aesthetic with the fairy-tale vibe. Cottagecore can be worn in many different ways. You can go boho, Victorian or vintage. They all feel whimsical and joyful.

What is Cottagecore Fashion?

Cottagecore is about simplicity and living a simple life. It’s all about dressing up and keeping cool (cottagecore outfits are made from linen) while still looking feminine.

Billowy blouses (peasant shirts are my favourite), long skirts and prairie dresses in all lengths are the most popular cottagecore fashion pieces. These pieces look similar to the fairycore aesthetic, but they are more practical for farm/countryside life than magical.

Cottagecore Fashion Brands:

Today, I share my top 15+ cottagecore fashion companies!

It can be not easy to find cottagecore pieces and outfits. Cottagecore is a relatively new style that most stores do not advertise.

Some super affordable brand names were included (e.g. $15-$20 for each item), as well as brands that are a little more expensive. I like basic pieces that are affordable and a few more expensive dresses.

Cottagecore fashion has a problem. You can tell when pieces are low quality. Cottagecore fashion is all concerned with quality.

However, most of these affordable shops have good quality and reasonable prices. So you can shop within your means, I have included pricing keys for each brand.

Most of these stores are known for their dresses selection, as cottagecore outfits often include dress options. Many of these stores also sell adorable linen blouses, rompers, and cardigans. I have included a list of my top picks under each cottagecore fashion brand.

Petal + Pup

This brand is smaller and more recent, but it has beautiful linen dresses at an affordable price.

Petal + Pup tends to be a little plainer for cottage care style. While I love a floral dress, I think I also need some classic linen cottagecore outfits. This is where I find my basic summer dresses.

Petal + Pup works well with maxi and midi dresses.

I recommend browsing the section and the blouses. I love the cotton flowered crop tops and the jumpsuits. They are the most adorable cottagecore jumpsuits I have found at a price of less than $100.

Pricing: Pup + Petal is usually between $50 and $80 for each dress. These dresses are high quality and last a long time.

Cotton: On

Cotton: On is my new favourite boutique. Because the items are adorable and inexpensive, it recently opened.

I would recommend buying maxi and mini dresses. These dresses aren’t as detailed as cottagecore-style brands, but they’re still flowy and floral or made of high-quality linen/cotton. These are your basic summer cottagecore dress. You’ll need more if you love the look. Cotton is a great place to purchase bulk quantities because of the low prices!

You can also find blouses and shirts made of linen here.

Prices: Most Cotton pieces are between $30- $50. Although the pieces are more basic than the pieces from the top brands, cottagecore style lovers still need them!

Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters will be your best choice if you are looking for mid-range cottagecore clothing stores.

Urban has beautiful, high-quality sweaters.

Urban Outfitters has one thing that you should be cautious about: Avoiding super boho pieces. It is not easy to draw a line between boho and cottage care fashion, but possible. Look for classic linen and flowery pieces, and steer clear of anything trendy.

Pricing The majority of Urban pieces cost well below $100. They are now much more affordable than ever! Most of my dresses are $40-50, and they almost always have sales.

Free People

Although Free People is a little more expensive than other brands, it’s still the OG cottagecore fashion brand. Because of the excellent quality, I purchase many of my white dresses from them. They last many years!

Free People also offers wonderful summer pieces which are very flowy. It has a boho-inspired cottage look.

Pricing Most cottagecore fashion pieces are between $50 and $ 150 on Free People. Although it is a little more expensive than the other brands, I recommend this store for your staple cottagecore outfits.


Stelly sells clothing from Australia. It will take some time to find cottagecore-style pieces, but many cute and affordable options are available.

Check out these floral dresses. Some are too trendy, but some are cute cottagecore pieces you can wear out. For some beautiful linen pieces, you can also see the summer dresses.

Pricing This boutique has great prices. Remember that although the items may look more expensive because they are in Australian currency, once converted, the price will only be about 2/3 of what it is.

Faithfull The Brand

When I shop for cottagecore clothing, Faithfull The Brand is always the first brand that comes to mind.

Although there is usually a limited selection, the quality is exceptional. I love shopping for linen dresses by Faithfull in mini- and maxi sizes.

Pricing: A dress in linen or another piece will cost between $100 and $200 at Faithfull. Although it’s more expensive than some of the other options, I love to buy at least one piece every summer. The quality is amazing, and the dresses are cottagecore yet on-trend.

Loyal Boutique

When I wear cottagecore style, straw bags are my favourite. It isn’t easy to find straw bags that look like beach bags. I love Loyal boutique for crossbody straw bags that are cottagecore-style.

This is my favourite online store for boutique purses. These pieces are adorable and have a whimsical feel. You can find a wide range of cute designs, and they usually ship very quickly.

There are often sweet selections in the New Arrivals section. However, I own this bag (Sage) and this backpack in Beige.

Pricing I order just a few bags per season and spend less than $100. Each bag costs less than $35.


Shein is the perfect choice for cottagecore style. For less than $50, you can put together complete cottagecore outfits.

My seasonal sundresses are available on Shein. They aren’t always of the best quality, but they can be pretty and affordable at under $20. This is a great deal! Both the maxi and mini dresses are adorable. To find the right pieces, I search “cottage” on Shein.

Also, I love cottagecore-style tops (especially white or floral) as well as great accessories like headbands and jewellery.

Prices: The majority of pieces are less than $25, with some even under $15 or $10. You can get free shipping and returns if you buy many items.


Reformation is the brand to choose if you are looking for year-round, sustainable clothing.

Reformation’s floral dresses are my favourite. There are 50+ styles available each year so that you can find any cottagecore style, colour and pattern.

Pricing: Reformation can be quite expensive. It costs between $150 and $250 per item. However, the dresses are durable and will last many years.

ASTR The Label

Although I love ASTR The Label pieces, some can be quite expensive. Because they are so affordable, I shop here for cottagecore tops.

Although I shop for tops, especially the flower peasant-style pieces, I occasionally shop the sales. ASTR offers adorable pieces, unlike other boutiques.

Pricing Prices are variable. Tops can be purchased for between $30 and $80. I prefer to buy pieces at the lower end of the price range. The price range for dresses is $60-$120.

Love Shack Fancy

Love Shack Fancy, a cottagecore fashion brand selling super-upscale items, is very Victorian. Although they offer some cottagecore-inspired outfits, I prefer Love Shack Fancy for a fancier look for an event.

The maxi dresses made of cotton are also my favourite and the super-colourful dresses that I love for warmer months.

I also shop here for cottagecore clothing, especially blouses. To add a little cottagecore vibe to my daily life, I love wearing a blouse in cottagecore style with jeans and slippers.

Pricing Love Shack Fancy may be the most expensive item on this list, at $150-$400. So every piece is worth it.

Love and Lemons

Love & Lemons is a wonderful cottagecore clothing brand if your goal is to find more than dresses. These blouses look amazing!

You can also find event clothes here. These tops look great with jeans, heels, or boots. The dresses, however, are more expensive and would be perfect for a wedding.

Pricing: You can expect to pay a little more (between $100-300 typically), but I find this reasonable considering the clothing is usually made for fancy outings.


Chicwish is great to shop seasonal items like flowing maxi dresses and floral printed sundresses made of chiffon.

Remember that shipping can take up to 2 weeks, so plan.

Pricing Chicwish’s prices are very affordable. Every item is under $100. I prefer to spend around $40 per item. This is a great place to shop for cottagecore dresses and outfits if you don’t mind spending a little.


Etsy is low-key and a great place for cottagecore clothing. Although you might have to dig a little, the items are almost handmade and very affordable.

Etsy is also a great place to shop for genuine cottagecore clothes.

This store sells some truly stunning piecesThis search is the one I use most often if you are looking for more.

I love the BogAnaShop store for super trendy cottagecore style pieces. These dresses can be worn out at any normal event but still retain the cottage come summer vibe.



Abercrombie is probably not the first thing you think of when discussing Cottagecore outfits. But I’m serious. 

Abercrombie is probably not the first thing you think of when discussing Cottagecore outfits. But I’m serious. 

The Abercrombie vibe focuses on casual, high-quality clothing. The store offers lots of linen, flowy pieces that are both well-made and affordable.

Abercrombie is a great choice for cottage care style in summer. The linen tops, jumpsuits and dresses are all great. Abercrombie is where I shop for my most basic or faded pieces. It’s great for staples.

Pricing Most Abercrombie items are less than $100, especially if they have sales which they do quite often. Abercrombie is a great place to shop for affordable items. 


Lulus offers many dresses. Many are cottagecore-style. Lulus is my go-to place for maxi and florals as well as white dresses.

When I make cottagecore outfits, I like Lulus tops. They are very affordable, so I will order several at once and have plenty of options for the season.

Pricing: Most cottagecore fashion pieces cost less than $100 on Lulus, but some are as low as $50.


ASOS is a great site to search for cottagecore fashion brands, but you will need to dig a little. Cottagecore clothing is not available on ASOS.

To start, I suggest looking for floral pieces or white gowns.

Prices: ASOS pricing can be so affordable! Cottagecore clothing pieces can be purchased for as low as $50. A super cute, white peasant blouse was just $13

Retro Fairy

Retro Fairy has adorable cottagecore outfits such as dresses, blouses and knitwear.

You can find all kinds of vintage dresses, including Edwardian, Victorian and vintage.

If this is the first time you hear of it, you should visit it!

Prices: Most pieces are under $100, which is insanely low for vintage and cottage care pieces.

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn offers a beautiful cottagecore style. The cotton dresses are my favourite.

Prices: The majority of the latest dresses cost more than $200. This cottagecore brand of fashion is more expensive than the others. Although I only buy 1-2 pieces per year, they are exceptional.

Bedra Vintage

Bedra Vintage is an amazing store that sells vintage clothing, including blouses and dresses.


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