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23 Best Cottage ore Fashion Brands + 4 Outfit Ideas


The Best 4 Cottagecore Outfits & Top 23 Clothes Brands

Cottagecore fashion is the most sought-after aesthetic in 2021.

Cottagecore fashion is becoming obsessed with its peasant silhouettes and delicate floral patterns in earthy tones.

Cottagecore clothing was at its peak in 2020, when the world was still fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

People were looking for new ways to escape the world. This whimsical, soft, feminine, period-inspired dressing style made them feel at home.

Even though light academia and fairy grunge threatened to kill the trend, Cottagecore fashion remains more popular than ever.

If you are a Cottagecore beginner, see for more information about Cottagecore and why it is so popular now.

To return to the article, I have divided it into two parts to make it easier to read and locate what you need.

If you’re looking to dress up like a REAL Cottagecore lady, the first part of this article will show you the top 4 Cottagecore outfits.

The second part will introduce you to 23 of the best Cottagecore clothing brands, affordable to high-end for all budgets.

Cottagecore Outfits to Dress Like a Cottagecore Girl

These are the top four Cottagecore outfits:

Cottagecore Dress Style & Aesthetic

Cottagecore dresses should be loose-fitting and flowy. The influencers’ favourite Cottagecore dresses are billowy blouses (peasant tops).

You can choose natural colours like brown, baby pink and olive green.

The best Cottagecore skirts and dresses must also recall farm wear from the 1920s through the late 1950s.

You should ensure that your dresses have village patterns like paisley, faded flower, and stripes.

Ideal Cottagecore Overalls 

The past fashion trends are back with a vengeance, and overalls are no exception.

Cottagecore overalls, however, are not the bulky, oversized ones you see in your dad’s closet. They are stylish and functional.

You can wear overalls in floral denim with printed patterns and bugs and Cottagecore overalls that you can match with loose tops.

If you are skilled with embroidery, add some patches to your Cottagecore overalls to personalize them.

Main Cottagecore Layers

Cottagecore is all about layers with large pockets and puffy sleeves. Button blouses make a great layering option.

Larger pieces can be very versatile and also extremely cosy.

There’s nothing better than big, baggy layers when the temperature drops.

Combining it with a mini skirt, a Cottagecore sweater that is two sizes too big is perfect.

For a Cottagecore look, layer your favourite tunic with a long-sleeve floral shirt.

A Cottagecore layering style is perfect where all loose-fitting pieces are well-balanced and well-matched.

Cottagecore Accessories

According to the old saying, “When in doubt add chic accessories.”

Cottagecore accessories that are simple and artisanal work best.

All options are handcrafted jewellery, handmade jewelry, crochet hats, floral socks, and macrame bracelets.

23 Best Clothing Brands for Cottagecore Fashion

Here are the top Cottagecore outfit ideas and clothing brands. Remember, Cottagecore is about simple, rural life.

Although they are similar to the fairycore aesthetics, Cottagecore outfits work well for everyday life on the farm or in the country.

Some shops, others brands offer authentic Cottagecore clothing for every budget.

These are the top 23 Cottagecore clothing and fashion brands, from Shein, an affordable Cottagecore clothing seller, to Etsy, an amazing source of Cottagecore clothing.

Hill House

Cottagecore aesthetics are what you love. I’m sure you know all about Hill House Home’s famous nappy dresses.

Trust me. They are just as comfortable as people claim.

You’ll feel like you are in your own Bridgerton episode if you get one in any of the silhouettes.

Love Shack Fancy

Love Shack Fancy, a Victorian-inspired fashion label, sells high-end Cottagecore tops and bottoms.

The brand has affordable Cottagecore outfits that are easy to wear, but I shop here whenever I need a more expensive Cottagecore dress for an event.

Petal + Pup

Petal and Pup are a fashionable boutique and retail shop for women in Australia.

Cottagecore dresses in large or extra-large sizes are highly recommended. These Cottagecore dresses are ideal for modern romantics who love timeless feminine threads and wares from bygone eras.

Cotton on

Cotton on is an online store specializing in affordable, unique Cottagecore clothing and accessories.

The store is my favourite because of their French fashion inspiration clothing. They are very feminine and romantic. 


Etsy offers a global marketplace of unique and creative Cottagecore products. From Cottagecore decor for your kitchen to clothing, accessories, and more, Etsy has it all.

Etsy has a wonderful selection of Cottagecore collections, some unique and unimaginable.

Etsy has everything you need, from vintage treasures to handcrafted Cottagecore pieces, and it’s one of the most popular online shops.


The reformation started in 2009 with the sale of vintage clothes from a small Los Angeles shopfront.

The American label Cottagecore silhouettes are easy to find today and celebrate the feminine figure.

Reformation is also a pioneer in the sustainable fashion movement. It focuses on people as well as the environment at every step.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters, a mid-range fashion store in Cottagecore, is the place for you.

Inspired by past decades’ designs and cuts, UA’s Cottagecore dress collection brings back the past and preserves the memories of traditional craftsmanship and a farm-based lifestyle.

Cottagecore clothing is subject to change in context, but the styles and forms are not.

Free People

Free People gives Cottagecore romance and free spirits from around the globe a feeling of freedom and confidence.

The label curates clothes and accessories that inspire hopeless romantics to fall in love day after day.

Christy Dawn

Christy dawn is one of my favourite dark Cottagecore clothing brands. They are committed to practices that respect the planet and its inhabitants.

This label is about living and working in harmony with the natural world so that all residents can benefit.

The brand’s creations are therefore inspired by nature.


The Sea duo is Sean Monahan & Monica Paolini, who have been friends since childhood.

Sea was launched in 2017 and is a cottagecore brand that aims to impress its modern-rustic style.

Sea’s adorable cottagercore outfits are my favourite, featuring a unique combination of sculptural elements and prairie-inspired cuts.

Every piece embodies the brand’s aesthetic perfectly; ruffly-sleeved gowns, eyelet-trimmed coats and dark Cottagecore outfits prove that this label belongs in every modern wardrobe.

White House Black Market

The label, originally known as “The White House”, was launched in 1985 and featured unique and individual collections of clothing and accessories in various shades of ivory and white.

The company expanded on its original theme and opened Black Market in 1995. In 1997, it combined both boutiques into a single concept, and the White House Black Market was created.

WHBM is my favourite online store when I’m looking for chic Cottagecore outfits.


Stelly, an Australian boutique, sells a wide variety of Cottagecore clothes.

It will take some time to search through the shop’s selection for Cottagecore-styled pieces. But once you do, you’ll be able to appreciate the style variety as well as the affordable price.


There is currently a limited selection of Cottagecore outfits on ShopBop. The quality is great.

Shop Bop may be more expensive than other Cottagecore stores.

It would be best if you considered your purchase an investment. The quality of the dresses is exceptional, and they are very fashionable.

Faithful The Mark

Faithful The Brand’s pieces were designed with the modern traveller at heart.

This label makes Cottagecore-inspired outfits that are versatile and easy to wear, so you can feel confident and stylish without feeling rushed.


Shein has a wide selection of Cottagecore-inspired styles.

A complete Cottagecore outfit can be put together for under $50.

Shein is my go-to place for seasonal sundresses that are high-quality, super pretty, and all under $20.

Cottagecore tops are also available in super cute floral designs. You can also buy accessories like headbands or jewellery.

ASTR The Label

Although I love all ASTR Cottagecore pieces, they can be quite expensive.

ASTR The Label is my go-to place for floral peasant tops. 

ASTR also offers Cottagecore bottoms for sale. But, unlike Cottagecore boutiques listed here, you should not buy the most recent arrivals. Otherwise, you will end up paying the full price.

Princess Highway

Princess Highway’s vintage-inspired clothing and accessories are my favourite. They are timeless but still have a youthful feel.

Princess Highway draws inspiration from 70’s glamour, 60’s mod, and 90’s grunge to create Cottagecore chic looks for modern women.

The brand’s knitwear and plaid blazers, as well as coats, scarves and jewellery, are all great choices.


Boohoo Cottagecore’s cheapest clothing store is on my list.

If you are unsure whether you want to spend a lot of money finding your inner rural goddess, boohoo’s Cottagecore clothing collection is a great option.

The store has a wide selection of Cottagecore clothes, from floaty Cottagecore gowns to puff sleeve tops.

Consider floral prints, floaty fabric, and ruffles everywhere (yes! everywhere).


Revolve has great Cottagecore clothing brands.

If you are looking for something more than dresses, Love & Lemons blouses might be the best option.

You will also find a wide selection of Cottagecore clothing at great prices in the store.

You can find a variety of Cottagecore tops that you can wear with jeans, heels or boots.

Campo Collection

Campo Collection, a fashion label, creates vintage Cottagecore-inspired evening gowns. They are made using the slow-fashion method.

All raw materials are sourced sustainably, and the garments are handmade by women from Brazil.


The sleeper has a look for you if you want a chic village nightgown look.

The label’s linen dresses and off-the-shoulder silhouettes are cosy and stylish.


Batsheva will have you in a “Little House on the Prairie”, but with a touch more high fashion.

You might recognize Batsheva’s Cottagecore brand, which Ella Emhoff wore at the presidential inauguration. It has florals and ruffled sleeves.


Last but not the least, Amazon’s Cottagecore offers everything from clothing to wallpapers, bedrooms decor, and accessories for the kitchen.

To find hidden treasures in Cottagecore, type in “Cottagecore clothing” or “Cottagecore style.”

Even though the dress is identical, many Cottagecore dresses and accessories sell for twice the price in official boutiques.

Amazon Prime customers get free shipping and returns.

This is why I recommend that you always check Amazon first! 


I hope you found this collection of Cottagecore’s best fashion brands enjoyable.

I’ve included Cottagecore brands at $15-20 per item and more expensive brands that sell high-end Cottagecore clothes for those with larger budgets.

Cottagecore is about quality. Therefore, even the most expensive Cottagecore stores were chosen for their good quality and reasonable prices.

To help you shop confidently within your budget, I have included my Cottagecore favourites and the brand’s pricing keys under each brand.


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