Dark Academia Fashion Is Booming In 2021


Dark Academia fashion is a hot topic right now. There are currently over 160,000 #darkacademia Instagram posts and more than a million Tumblr posts. Reddit also sees a lot of interest in the topic. The most notable wave of interest comes from the ‘TikTok generation,’ which has nearly 25 million views so far.

This article will provide information about Dark Academia clothing and where to buy Dark Academia plus-size clothing.

In the following article:

What is Dark Academia?

*The Dark Academia Aesthetic

*Why is Dark Academia Fashion Booming Now?

*Dark Academia Fashion For Summer

*Most Popular Dark Academia Styles

What is Dark Academia?

Dark academia is a new style of aesthetics that takes inspiration from classic Greek writing, art, and architecture. It is heavily infused with Gothic elements, concepts of death, and other Gothic elements. The Dark academia fashion style reflects a subculture that emphasizes education, learning and writing.

Dark Academia fashion is different from traditional academic fashion styles because of its ‘dark’, Gothic aesthetic influence. Imagine someone wearing vintage tweed pants to visualize the ‘dark academia’ fashion best.

You can also add a thick, stubby yarn cardigan to the image and a worn suitcase packed with books and academic papers.

Dark Academic is full of nostalgic vibes. This is because the Dark Academia subculture seeks to recreate the spirit of the 19 th century private English boarding schools in New England and Ivy League colleges.

The Dark Academia aesthetic

The Dark Academia fashion aesthetic is influenced a lot by the Greek culture and arts and the Harry Potter films. The Harry Potter series was popular among teens who shared their thoughts on social media. It made wool sweaters, cardigans with rich textures, and chocolate brown trousers fashionable again.

Fashion critics say that the Dark Academia style is very similar to preppy fashion. Preppy is known for its chinos and argyle sweaters. Preppy is also known for its grosgrain- and woven leather belts and madras and button-down Oxford cloth shirt shirts.

The Dark Academia aesthetic can be understood in this way. It is, however, more Autumn-Esque with darker and duller color palettes.

Cottagecore is another similar aesthetic and will be booming in 2021, just like Dark Academia.

Why is Dark Academia fashion booming now?

Schools from around the globe were forced to stop classes this spring. There are no more courses or studies abroad. There are no graduations, proms or fashion shows.

It is still unknown what September will bring. The Coronavirus lockdown has caused teenagers to miss school. They have decided to find a way to keep them connected. The COVID-19 pandemic was preceded by Dark Academia fashion. It was only during the lockdown that the 14-24-year-olds began to upload school-like outfits to social media.

The gloomy feeling of COVID-19 brought out the Gothic vibe, so people began to tag photos with the “Dark Academia” moniker. The Dark Academia subculture is popular with three groups:

1. Students

Any Dark Academia style aims to reflect and enhance your cultural self. This style doesn’t require that you live in a sprawling mansion with lots of gardens and a large kitchen to bake or a field full of flowers.

Students such as Laura Piszczatowska from Norway, a history graduate, are some of the most prominent representatives of Dark Academia. She said that her favorite academic outfits include tweed pants and black turtlenecks with elegant boots.

Laura also manages ‘Geminnorum,’ a Dark Academia Instagram account that has over 28,000 followers.

2. Gender-free

Evelyn Meyer, a supporter and creator of Dark Academia Check Sound, says that “Dark Academia fashion style suits the LGBTQ community as well”. Dilara Scholz at the Royal Holloway University of London, a researcher on fashion history, supports Evelyn’s views. “Androgynous vintage jackets are representative of the Dark Academia aesthetic,” Dilara said.

Dilara considers herself to be a member of the Dark Academia subculture. “Most Dark Academia silhouettes are reminiscent of 1940s men’s looks. She says that anyone can wear it, regardless of gender.

Books and films featuring LGBTQ characters are a major reason for the success of this style in the LGBTQ community.

A good part of Dark Academia’s aesthetics is. The more you learn about the styles, you will find others like you. Declan Lyman, 15 years old, posted Dark Academia videos to TikTok.

Lucien K, 21 years old, posted about Dark Academia styles and books on TikTok’s. It’s about breaking down stereotypes, regardless of gender or sexuality.

3. Plus size

The Dark Academia subculture has been open to plus-size people until now. I was afraid to wear clothes that would emphasize my body and weight. Helen Belfort, a student from the University of Oxford in the UK, shared her love for the style and how it made her feel confident.

It is still difficult to find dark academic outfits that fit plus-size. Helen is also in this category. In the past, I have tried to find complete Dark Academia costumes.

It wasn’t easy. It was so difficult that I wrote this article because of my inability to find the right garments. It is easier to purchase individual pieces than complete outfits.

I also love creating my unique looks by putting the pieces together one-by-one. These are the top places to buy Dark Academia Plus Size right now:

1. Online Thrift Shops – The best place to shop Dark Academia pluses are the vintage and online thrift stores, especially if your search is for rare items. This is, without a doubt, the most sustainable fashion that you can purchase right now.

2. Cato is my favorite place to find pleated pants. You can also find button-down shirts and vintage blazers at Cato. Cato also offers great deals, and I have never spent more than $20 on any of their pieces.

3. Everlane is another favorite, especially for blazers. Although it is more expensive than Cato, the quality is excellent.

4. Torrid is known for its exceptional corduroy creations.

5. H&M for some rare gothic items.

6. Target – In particular, their Ava Viv line.

7. Amazon: For the best deals and lowest prices on dark academia clothing.

Dark Academia summer looks

Dark Academia clothing is great for cities with colder climates due to its heavy Gothic constructions.

Look for the spring/summer of Dark Academia with a check blazer, white T-shirt and dark Academia blazer. Some of you still insist on wearing this look in the summer. There are ways to get around this, as I will explain below.

Dark Academia summer outfit – Ovna Ovich white T-shirt ‘Tova Tee’ with /id/ large check linen blazer and Blanlac Zinnia’ brogue-lace-ups

It would help if you started by choosing only natural fabrics. Avoid all forms of polyester and plastic-based blends.

Natural fibers are more absorbent than blends. These organic fabrics are great for people who sweat a lot.

These are the 4 best all-natural fibers you should choose to wear.

Lining – It provides excellent ventilation and is better for the environment.

Organic Cotton is a lightweight material that’s easy to wear. Organic cotton also has a low impact on the environment.

Silk Vintage silk is magical. It’s light, cool and easy to wear. If you are looking for new clothes, choose cruelty-free silk.

Wool– Wool is a great alternative to cotton in the winter because of its higher breathable ability.

Most popular Dark Academia styles right now

Three core principles are the basis of some of the most popular Dark Academia styles:

The first requires that you use vintage garments from thrift shops or online sites selling secondhand fashion with a gothic feel.

Second, The overall style should complement the intellectual look. You can do this by combining handwritten notes and leather-bound books with the rolled maps from your bag.

Third, Each style of Dark Academia is based on one or more of the staples I have listed below.

Dark Academia Blouses & Tops

Cuffed sleeves are a great option to add a touch of British heritage to blouses. For that academic look, you should choose blouses with large bell sleeves.

Tops that can be buttoned up will give you a sophisticated Dark Academia look.

Many of the versatile silk wrap tops I wear are made from silk. Silk is cool and breathable in the summertime. I also love distressed silk tops.

Dark Academia trousers and skirts

Long skirts are a great option for a sophisticated Dark Academia look. Long skirts are easier and more comfortable than trousers.

Long skirts are preferred to shorts if you live somewhere hot. Why? Why? Because skirts protect your legs from the sun and ventilation.

If you do decide to wear trousers, wool-blends or corduroy fabrics are the best. I wear trousers, and I cut mine at the ankle for a more nonconformist look.

If you don’t know the best way to sew and cut trousers, you can cuff them to achieve a sailor-like, tapered look.

Dark Academia outerwear

The 50s glorified tweed jacket? The best outerwear for Dark Academia is the tweed jacket. You should make sure it is over your shoulders and not on the sleeves.

Dark Academia shoes

There are many opinions on which shoes work best with Dark Academia. Open shoes are preferred by some, much like the Greeks and Romans. Some people argue that Harry Potter films don’t feature sandals and prefer boots with chunky heels.

Boots are my favorite because they allow me to emphasize the Gothic look I love. No matter what shoe you choose, don’t match your flip-flops with Dark Academia.


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