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A fashion bug is someone who puts a lot of importance on fashion and is always looking for the latest trends. The term is somewhat outdated, but a modern translation could be “fashionista.” However, that term tends not to conjure up an image of a chic, sophisticated woman. Although Sex and the City’s Carrie character could be described as a fashion-bug, Apparel Search thinks the term fashionista is a more accurate description of Carrie.

Fashion bug, who are always interested in the latest trends and brands, is eager to update their wardrobes each season to include the latest styles or colors. Fashion bugs would be the first to wear lace and those rubber bracelets in black that Madonna wore when she first appeared on the music scene in the 80s.

Apparel Search believes that “fashion bug” could sometimes have a negative connotation. This is in contrast to “fashionista,” which is often used in industry to describe women who are always stylish and have a cosmopolitan outlook.

Fashion Bug to close all stores

Linda O’Banion, Armstrong, looked through a selection of summer tops on clearance at Fashion Bug Tuesday morning and pointed out that she had this one, this one and this one.

O’Banion has been a big fan of Fashion Bug for many decades. It is the mainstay of specialty clothing for women at moderate prices.

O’Banion stated that she was sad to hear that all Fashion Bug stores including the Danville one, would close in 2013.

Fashion Bug has been part of Danville since at least 30 years. Fashion Bug was among the first Towne Centre tenants in April 1983. Fashion Bug moved to its current location at Pine Tree Plaza, Danville Crossings in September 2002.

Ascena Retail Group purchased Fashion Bug’s parent company Charming Shoppes in June for approximately $900 million. They also decided to close all 600 Fashion Bug stores in 43 states.

Ascena also purchased Charming Shoppe’s Lane Bryant, and Catherine’s shops as part of the deal. Ascena also has Maurice’s, a store in the Village Mall and Dress Barn.

Scott Eisenhauer, Danville Mayor, said that he was only recently made aware of the closing of the local Fashion Bug.

He said, “Obviously, it’s extremely disappointing because it leaves an area without any support.”

He said, “But with Ross Dress for Less as well as the excitement for Kohl’s and TJ Maxx they will help fulfill the need in our community.”

Eisenhauer stated that Fashion Bug’s impending closure was not a decision made locally nor was it due the local economy. It was a national move.

He stated that he hoped that the closure of the store would encourage developers to look at bringing more apparel stores to the area.

Two employees at the Danville Fashion Bug Tuesday morning stated that they were not allowed to speak to the media about closing the store. They deferred any questions to Gayle Coolick (vice president of investor relations, Charming Shoppes, Bensalem), Pa.

Coolick stated, “We have enjoyed doing business with Danville and would love to thank our customers’ loyalty.” “With the recent merger with Ascena Retail Group we have had to make the difficult decision of closing Fashion Bug.”

All Fashion Bug stores began inventory reduction sales on Sept. 2. Summer clothing is reduced up to 60%, and fall merchandise is markedly discounted at 20%. All sales final.

Coolick stated that even though there is no set date for closing stores, many Fashion Bug locations will be open until the end of 2012.

She stated that “We will continue operating locations as inventory remains for us to present our customers.” “Our stores will continue presenting new fall fashion collections.”

Coolick stated that closing dates for each store will depend on many factors such as inventory availability, and the terms of the lease agreement.

She stated that whether an Ascena-owned store will occupy the former Fashion Bug location will be “considered store by store based on a variety of factors.”

Tuesday’s Danville store was stocked with clothing and accessories. Employees informed customers that new merchandise is still arriving every Tuesday and that they expect to continue receiving new merchandise until December.

This was no consolation for Melissa Outman, of Covington, Ind., whose Fashion Bug was her favorite store.

She said, “When I don’t have the time to go to Champaign and Indianapolis to shop, I come to this place for my last-minute fashion items.”

She expressed sadness at the store’s closure. They’ll be missed.

O’Banion stated that she was also “sad.”

“This is my favorite store in town. She said that she was very disappointed at the closing of all the stores.


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