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The sneakerhead culture is not the only one who knows the latest trends in women’s sneaker fashion.

Wearing the most current sneakers is essential with streetwear clothing becoming increasingly sought after by luxury brands.

Finally, sneakers are acknowledged for what they are: the center of the footwear industry. They are growing in sales, styles, and consumer demand.

Women’s sneakers are now a fashion trend.

Sneakers are stylish and comfortable. They offer women endless options for wearing them.

Most of you probably already own a pair of your favorite sneakers.

This article will help you find the best sneakers for women if you are serious about your pursuit.

Let’s look at the top women’s sneaker trends for 2022.

These are the 15 most fashionable sneakers for women, in no particular order.

Chunky Sneakers

In 2017, Demna, the Georgian designer behind cult-loved fashion label Vetements, relaunched chunky sneakers. She is now the creative director at Balenciaga.

Demna is also associated with the return to OTT sneakers after the success with Balenciaga’s ultra-chunky Triple-S, which was part of the fall-winter 2017 line.

Some fashion critics predict a return of timeless trainers but women love oversized, bulky sneakers.

The trend is further supported by streetwear companies that experiment with shapes and silhouettes.

The good news is that sneaker trends are still hot in 2022.

However, chunky soles are a great way to instantly elevate your appearance.

The combination of the silhouette of the “dad shoe” and the added height will make heads turn.

The chunky sneaker trend is a stalwart on runways and street style veterans as well as Instagram influencers.

Chunky sneakers look great paired with loose-fitted jeans or simple-cut tees.

Bulky and ugly trainers are a fashion faux pas. The two pieces I have curated below are the best chunky shoes for women at the moment – for every budget and taste.

Platform Sneakers

Platform women sneakers are not to be confused for chunky sneakers. They have an odd design that makes people go “I need this.”

We’ve seen many sneaker trends over the years. From dad-inspired styles to chunky soles, most have become everyday wardrobe staples.

Sneaker trends are in rotation and 2000s platform sneakers will reign supreme in 2022, replacing sandals or casual trainers.

Platform sneakers will make you look clean and modern, without looking too busy, if your goal is to embrace the Y2K fashion trend.


High-Top sneakers

High-top sneakers are most commonly used for athletic shoes, especially in basketball.

Mid-top sneakers, however, are shorter and no longer than the wearer’s ankle.

Conversely, high-top sneakers extend over the wearer’s ankle.

High-top sneakers for women have been fashionable and practical since the 1970s.

The popularity of high-top sneakers continues to rise after their 2014 comeback.

High-top sneakers for ladies are timeless and versatile.

The most popular high-top sneakers of today are the original Converse All-Stars or Nike Airforces 1, 2, and 3. Or variations thereof.

Sock Sneakers

Sock sneakers can be compared to traditional kicks.

Sock sneakers combine a stretch-knit with breathable fabric to create a hybrid type shoe that looks like a sock.

Although the sock-sneaker style is not new, it gained huge popularity after Balenciaga’s sock sneakers became a cult favorite.

Sock sneakers were a curiosity ten years back. They are now everywhere, especially on catwalks, when paired with techwear clothes for a sophisticated look.

Featured on runways in London and Paris by designers and celebrities alike, functional sneakers are the most popular women’s sneakers.

In direct competition to Vetements and Balenciaga, there are more affordable sock shoes brands.


Tennis Sneakers

The tennis sneakers category is inspired by classic tennis shoes, with a rubber sole and low top canvas or leather upper. However, it’s not meant for the court.

Sneaker brands and designers have created variations of the original tennis sneaker silhouette, but it’s not its functionality that is important.

Tennis sneakers, with their classic appearance, are a major part of sneaker culture. They have even been dubbed “hype sneakers” in 2022.

We love this season’s ultra-minimal style of CELINE’s Triomphe Lace-up Sneakers, and Valentino’s Garavani Logo Trainers. Both have white leather uppers with perforations.

If you want that luxurious, worn-in look, the Golden Goose also offers pre-distressed shoes.

Designer Sneakers

Sneakers have been able to cement their status as the most versatile footwear option due to the continued integration of streetwear with high fashion.

Designer sneakers are essential accessories in any fashion lover’s wardrobe.

Gucci, Common Projects and Vetements have always embraced the sportier side to footwear. Recently, however, higher-end labels joined the fray.

Designer kicks are the best choice if you want to invest in premium materials and instantly increase your brand recognition.

To show off your designer sneakers, pair them with jeans and a dark-blue suit coat to maintain comfort.

We are now seeing high-end fashion brands like Saint Laurent and Gucci make the sports-luxe sneakers affordable, starting in 2022.

Casual Sneakers

Casual women’s sneakers are the perfect option if you want to give your slippers a break after a pandemic.

Casual sneakers are not a mandatory or overwhelming choice among all the 2022 trends in sneaker fashion for women.

Casual sneakers are made to be comfortable and stylish. They look great with skinny jeans for ladies.

These are the most in-demand casual sneaker styles right now.

Sustainable Sneakers

We see more and more sneakers made from more environmentally-friendly materials, like post-consumer rescued polyester and recycled leather.

Everlane’s Court sneakers retail for $98, and are made of leather from a gold-certified, environmentally friendly tannery.

The sole is free from virgin plastic and the lining is 100% recycled polyester.

Veja, a French brand that makes sustainable sneakers is another great choice.

The label almost won the sustainable sneakers market with Meghan Markle’s marketing support.

Veja, a brand that makes sustainable sneakers from ethically sourced Amazonian rubber soles and responsibly produced leather uppers, is a must-have.

Dad Sneakers

Dad sneakers are very much in fashion in 2022.

Dad sneakers are also known as ugly sneakers. This is because of TikTok’s nostalgia for normcore styles and 90s styles.

These shoes are super comfortable and can be worn all day. However, they have thick soles and throwback panels in bright colors.

There are many ways to style dad sneakers, and not only with jeans.

You can sport them with your activewear or wear them casually with jeans and a T-shirt.

The most iconic dad sneakers right now are the New Balance 452 sneakers and Nike Air Monarch sneakers. Both of these sneakers have bold colors to make a visual impact.

10 /15
Classic Sneakers

No matter if you are a casual dresser, the classic sneaker silhouette should be in every man’s, women’s, and children’s wardrobe.

Look for classic sneakers from heritage brands, not trendy sneaker designs by high-end designers or well-known streetwear brands.

Classic sneakers, also known as legacy shoes, can be made from leather or canvas.

Classic sneakers are color-wise, “cream” is the new white!

Mixing well, off-white and cream-hued sneakers will give your next OOTD that “worn out touch”.

The Nike Air Force 1 is a timeless classic pair of sneakers that has risen to the top.

For a feminine take on the sneaker, the Air Force 1 Sage Low is a good option.

The silhouette is slimmer than the original and it has a slightly higher platform midsole.

Nike fans will be happy to see that many of the classic design details such as the leather upper, perforations at the midfoot and Swoosh emblem along the sidewall remain.

Reebok’s Club C85, Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Stars and Adidas Originals’ Stan Smiths are all great classic sneakers options.

11 /15
Retro Sneakers

Sneaker trends for women change like the tides.

The summer season is all about minimalist, streamlined trainers.

A few months later, everyone is still stomping about in bulky boots more suited to a lunar mission than walking and other sporting activities.

However, one sneaker style has remained untouched by all the sneaker trends and times.

These timeless trainers are a great option for those looking for retro silhouettes.

Retro sneakers for women are bold in color and have classic patterns that make them stand out.

For those who are more adventurous, you can opt for pastel colors to create a youthful, fresh look.

12 /15
Collab Sneakers

Today, women are increasingly influenced by the influencer and celeb worlds. Think blockbuster releases and limited collaborations.

This section is driven by global fashion designers, who collaborate with luxury brands to create rare releases.

I suggest you take a look at SOLESAV, an online community that focuses on sneaker collaborations between designers and high-profile brands.

Among the most notable recent releases are the Pharrell Williams x Adidas Humanrace Collection, Yeezy Quantum “Onyx” and other releases from Prada, Palace, Craig Green and Human Made.

Rare women’s sneaker collaborations are a great deal because you know that they are authentic sneakers and part of a major trend.

Collab sneakers are for the serious sneakerhead. They are a fashion statement that is loved by everyone.


13 /15
Workout Sneakers

The lockdown has seen comfortable athleisure women’s sneaker styles and types rise to new heights.

Particularly, the most in-demand shoes are the workout sneakers.

These sneakers are great for working out and will look great in your gym.

Some of the most popular workout trainers for women right now are from Nike, Adidas and Inov-8.

The most worn pair of sneakers for workout is the classic lace-up.

These are great for everyday activities and gym. People use them to go shopping, exercise, or simply relax at home.

14 /15
Futuristic Sneakers

Sneakerheads are in love with futuristic sneakers after Nike Air Max’s success using ‘visible Air Technology’.

Prada and Alexander McQueen have created -like shoes and sneakers similar to the trend.

Li-Ning is one of the newest sneaker designers. They are pushing the boundaries of sneaker silhouettes and transporting customers – along with their designs – to a distant future.

The futuristic design of sneakers has made them look great in a retrofuturistic fashion world or better yet, in a cyberpunk universe ruled over by Mad Max and Blade Runner.

15 /15
Vegan Sneakers

Nearly 80,000,000 vegans live in the world right now . This number is growing each year.

Women are switching to plant-based products in their fridges and wardrobes, whether it is for ethical reasons, personal health, or environmental concerns.

Since the days of scratchy espadrilles and sustainable shoes, we’ve come a long ways.

The first vegan sneaker designs were made from recycled plastic, rescued from the oceans or post-consumer waste.

The latest generation of vegan sneakers, powered by a wide range of plant-based materials, are now competing with the best designer sneakers.


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