How To Battle A Fashion Challenger


Fashion week returns to PokemonGo, and players will have the opportunity to take part in an event that will test their photography skills. Players will be able to express themselves creatively and participate in the event using the AR Camera in PokemonGo until Sept. 28.

The event will include Fashion Challengers as part of the challenge. This may surprise fans who are used seeing Team Rocket members around. These Fashion Challengers may randomly appear at PokeStops, and players will have the opportunity to fight them as usual. Anomalies in far PokeStops will be visible to players who don’t live near one. They’ll look slightly different from normal PokeStops. A PokeStop with a different appearance to the rest will have a higher chance of having a Fashion Challenger encounter.

The Fashion Challengers are your best chance to win all the Fashion Week Timed Research tasks. Fashion Challengers have established lineups so you can choose a team that gives you the best chance to win.

These are the possible lineups you might encounter during a Fashion Challenger encounter.

Fashion Challenger Pokemon list
Cool Challenger Furfrou, Sneasel and Gothitelle
Eccentric Challenger        Furfrou, Graveler, Blitzle
Quirky Challenger Furfrou, Braxien and Shinx
Sassy Challenger Furfrou, Butterfree and Vaporeon
Slick Challenger Furfrou, Croagunk and Obstagoon

Furfrou is a featured Pokemon in all lineups so having a Fighting-type Pokemon can help increase your chances of defeating Fashion Challengers.


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