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How to become a fashion influencer


It’s a great place to be if you are interested in fashion and passionate about connecting with online audiences.

There isn’t much information available about how to be a fashion influencer. It’s not surprising that many fashion influencers make it sound simple or remain silent. Creating clothing, accessories, and fashion content via social media is not easy. Even though 60% of fashion brands have an influencer marketing strategy, there is still room for you to stand out and be a fashion blogger.

Opportunity knocks

There is a lot of potentials out there at the moment. The power of Instagram fashion influencers is well-known by brands, so it’s not difficult to find them. You can’t wait to have an opportunity knocking on your door, so you need to get out there and make it happen. How do you do this? 

How to become a fashion influencer in 7 steps

  1. Followers are essential for your success

Brands must know they have a loyal and engaged audience who share their values and approach. While there are other channels, Instagram is still the most important platform for influencers and brands that they represent. Knowing how to become a fashion influencer via Instagram is key in your strategy. While Instagram followers will be crucial to your success, don’t forget the other aspects.

While numbers are important, quality is more important. This is because micro-influencers have higher engagement rates than mega-influencers, and brands are aware of this. This holds for all social media platforms, but it is even more so.

2. Commit yourself to your niche

Audiences are creatures of routine and stability. Your audience needs stability. The best way to achieve that stability is to search for the fashion niche that truly speaks to your heart. Feel it if you want to convey that love and convert it into the real engagement.

The hard truth is that if you are looking for a way to make it big in fashion, but think it’s an easy way to get rich quickly, then you might need to reconsider. It will be hard to live, eat, and breathe this niche. You must be an expert in this field. This isn’t hobby level knowledge, but deep-dive-know-every-fibre-of-the-clothing knowledge.

3. Create exceptional content

There is a lot of noise on social media. Your content must be unique to be noticed. It must be valuable. It must be unique from all the other people doing the same thing.

A unique selling proposition and a commitment to your cause are essential. This creates excitement and sparks discussion.

Promote, promote, and promote your content. It is important to get your content noticed and promoted. You can also use analytics to your advantage.

4. Don’t go it alone

You see one person as the influencer. Many people support and cheer for the influencer. The influencer scene is an interconnected scene where like-minded people help one another.

To get others to do the same, you need to share, like, comment, and share as much. Every campaign you launch will benefit from the support of your network and community. These connections should be carefully chosen.

Top tip: Search for the brands you want to work with and find the ambassadors. Reach out and make contact.

5. Stand firm, stay true

It’s hard in the beginning. It’s hard work that pays little. It is tempting to make your niche or style less distinctive. It’s time to stay focused and committed. Keep doing what you did in the beginning. Please keep it simple, whether it’s a filter or a voice tone or how you take photos. You don’t have to change, but you need to be true to yourself and what others love about you.

6. Make it easy for brands

What’s all the noise on social media? Users can’t find influencers who resonate with them. This is also a problem for brands. While Instagram is great for showcasing your work, it can be difficult for brands to get in touch with you. It’s up to you to make this easy by reaching out and becoming a part of their network.

7. Have a plan B

While we believe in the power of fashion influencers and their strength, it is a volatile sector that can be difficult to make a living. What happens if your social network is lost? What happens if the trends shift away from your niche and you are no longer relevant? You don’t want to sound like your Granny.

Consider a wider career in fashion marketing to gain the skills you need to transition into a different field.

Shockingly, many fashion brands still don’t pay their influencers in cold hard cash but go down the freebie route. You’ll need to have a head for business and negotiation, as well as social media and fashion know-how.



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