How to Style an Oversized Shirt


A well-pressed and tailored shirt is one the most versatile pieces in a woman’s closet. These shirts can be worn under a blazer or tailored suit, but times have changed. T-shirts don’t have to be tailored, starch-pressed or formal anymore. With the rise of athleisure fashion trends, and the emergence of fashion trends that are fluid, the rules have changed. Fashion does not have to be uncomfortable.

The oversized shirt is a mix of a classic shirt, and a sweater. Although the oversized shirt can be worn as a replacement for a classic tailored shirt, it is not recommended. They still have a place. This just means there are more options and they should be in every wardrobe. An oversized shirt can be styled in many different ways. This article is important because it explains how to style an oversized shirt. An oversized shirt can be styled in a smart, sophisticated way.

Oversized shirts look just like a classic tailored shirt. They can be worn in many ways and are more comfortable than the classic tailored shirt. This shirt is perfect for casual wear, whether you’re going to work, shopping, lunch or just going to the office. No matter what occasion, this shirt can be worn with anything. It doesn’t matter what occasion it might be worn with. The important thing is how to tuck the garment in.

How to tie oversized shirts

It’s amazing to think that one item of clothing, the humble oversized shirts, can be worn so many different ways and with so many options for the way you tuck it! How to wear an oversized shirt with other clothes in your wardrobe. Even though it seems simple, bad tucks can ruin an outfit. We’ll break it down step-by-step to make sure you don’t get bumps or ducktails.


A simple way to wear an oversized blouse is by tucking it into any bottoms that you choose. These are some ways to do it right.

  1. Start by putting on your shirt.
  2. After you have put on the skirt, lift your shirt and pull it down to the bottom. This is impossible if you’re wearing jeans or shorts. If you are wearing shorts or jeans, this is not possible.
  3. Put on the skirt, shorts or pants. Lift your arms up to the heavens. Let the shirt hang looser so that it doesn’t feel as tight.
  4. To adjust, finally look in the mirror. You can check that it is straight by gently tugging on any tight pieces.


Although some people may not be familiar with French Tuck, most people do it. French Tuck refers to a shirt that has been “half-tucked in”. Tan France, Queer Eye’s celebrity fashion expert and co-host invented the French Tuck. He explained that you could just tuck the shirt’s front about an inch and leave the back untucked.

It can make the shirt look untidy, which is something some people disagree with. It can look a little unkempt if the French tuck is used with a fitted shirt. However, it works well with any baggy, regardless of how large or small, top. This can elevate your outfit without being too difficult. It can also be used to show just enough waistline to give it shape.

The French tuck, or half-tuck, is timeless and will be a style you love no matter what. The French tuck is a simple, elegant style that can be worn for many years, even though it’s relatively new. Look at the most recent fashion weeks to see how oversized shirts were styled before they became a fashion trend.


Try something new. It might be worth trying something new. The shirt can be left unbuttoned at the bottom. You can tie a knot between the two sides. Either tie a knot or leave your back untucked. You can do what you want.


Do you need to tie the shirt or tuck it? A large shirt will look better if it’s not tucked in, especially if you are wearing leggings or sneakers. There are more options than leaving the shirt untucked. Do you need the shirt to be fully buttoned at its top? Can it be worn untucked and layered with a camisole underneath? You can make the right decision, but it all comes down to what you feel most comfortable with.

These are four ways to style an oversized blouse

You can wear this oversized shirt in many ways. For maximum versatility, you should pick a classic color like blue, white or pinstripe.


This shirt is perfect for pairing with any pair of blue, white, and black jeans. To instantly elevate your look, swap out your plain or graphic tee for an oversized version. In warmer months, you can wear your favorite pair of sandals or switch to a jacket and the latest trending lug sole boots in winter. For an instant upgrade, add chunky gold jewellery.

This look is fun to experiment with and great for having fun with. French-tuck your shirt into jeans. The buttons can be left open halfway to show a little bit of bra. You can also wear it loosely with a camisole underneath. You can also swap your heels for white sneakers for street style.


Are jeans too warm? Jeans too warm to wear with oversized shirts? Pair your jeans with a large bag and comfortable sneakers for a casual, easy-to wear look in the summer. In cooler months, you can pair your denim shorts and your oversized shirt with black tights and a blanket scarf. Accessory with chunky, golden earrings

Do you want to make a change? For a new look, swap out your denim shorts and get biker pants!


Sometimes, we just need that extra touch of comfort. You can wear white sneakers with leggings or an oversized shirt. In cooler months, you can wear a sweater or sweater over the shirt. To expose the shirt, pull the sleeves back a bit. It can be paired with a complementary oversized blazer and high-heeled heels. You can transform your outfit from daywear into nightwear while still looking fashionable.


A large shirt that is fully tucked in can look better. This is true for mini skirts, shorts and pants. A high-waisted bottom can emphasize the silhouette and waistline of large tops. We love pairing oversized white tops with black pants/pants that are high-waisted for a splash of colour.


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