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Today, Korean men are not only known as dancers and singers in K-pop groups. They are also more than the charming, emotionally twisting and charming lead in a Korean drama. The one who will sweep the heroine off her feet.

People who have been to South Korea, particularly Seoul, love to gush about the men they see on the streets. People watchers around the world are curious about what it is about these guys that has captured their attention.

The simple answer to this question is Fashion.

Here are the facts about fashion for men.

This is why a typical Korean man can dress so well. Although fashion is often thought of as a passion for women, it is very common in Korea for both men and women to be conscious about their clothes. Fashion week is not the only time to be fashionable!

This makes it easy for people to see and take inspiration from great clothes. Shopping in Seoul is easier for men because there are many stylish options for them. Look good is an important part of contemporary Korean pop culture.

What are the most popular styles for men in South Korea? What are the most popular styles to wear in Seoul?

Skinny Bottoms are IN

Jonas Brothers don’t just love thigh-hugging pants, but denim jeans and other types of pants. While you may have seen many Korean boy bands wearing pants so thin that it makes you wonder how they breathe, your average Korean man won’t be afraid to wear such pants! It’s fine to add color to your outfit.

Did Someone Swear Ripped Jeans?

Yes, Korean men like jeans with rips here, there, and everywhere else as much as Korean ladies. You can easily create a stylish and effortless outfit by pairing ripped jeans with a simple t-shirt or long-sleeved sweater.

Professors Love the Shirt under a Knit Look

A middle-aged college professor may be the person you picture wearing a sweater or basic sweater under a shirt. It’s very popular among Korean men in their 20s to 30s, especially on a date night. The look is casual enough to not make you look silly but sophisticated enough to charm women.

or Just go with the shirt

A Korean man can also wear a shirt with jeans or slacks. This is an easy look that requires little effort, but it looks great. If Gangnam is the destination, men who are conscious about their appearance may choose to dress in a similar style.

Boots and Loafers

While many Korean men prefer the classic look of sneakers or canvas shoes, they aren’t always the best choice for their outfit. Sometimes, a man needs a pair of black loafers or boots to match their outfit. Korean men are not afraid to have a little heel on their shoes. You might even look taller!

A Coat is Important

For the spring and fall seasons, every Korean man has a variety of blazers: a leather jacket, a denim jacket, or blazing blazer. What about winter? The best winter coat for you is a knee-length woolen coat. A popular winter trend among Korean men is to wear the most puffy North Face jumper they can find, although it’s not as fashionable. You’ll still be warm, but it’s a good thing!

Even Better – Just Wear It Up!

You will likely have to wear a suit if you have an office job here. Although it is not the most preferred attire for Korean men, it can be very hard to not look great while wearing one. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t be afraid to embrace it! It’s not as comfortable and cozy as sweatpants and a hoodie, but it will make you and everyone around you swoon!

Casual Fashion

There are casual fashion and casual . We’re not talking here about you grabbing the first item you see on the rack. This is a casual, easy-to-wear look, that has been carefully planned and coordinated. This look can be achieved by wearing loose pants. You can wear anything, from jeans to sweatpants. You can also wear a loose top in any style or color. Be sure to include at least one item in a subtle, earthy shade.

We’ve covered the basics of fashion, so let’s move on to the big question: Where can these men get the authentic look?


This popular brand is targeted at men and was founded by three prominent male models in the Korean fashion world. This brand is casually stylish and will not disappoint.


This brand offers clothes that are both comfortable and fashionable. These clothes can be described as minimalistic and modern. You can combine them with other brands to create any trend not listed above.


You can also find many Korean fashion styles and colors at Plac. This is where you should go to find your next pair of jeans.


Although there aren’t as many street shops that cater to men’s fashion needs as there are for them, they can still be a great way to find affordable fashion. You can find smaller local brands at the Hongdae and Edae markets. Although the clothes aren’t as trendy as high-end fashion brands, they are still stylish.

Are you ready to learn from Korean fashion? What Korean celebrity do YOU think is most trendy? Comment below to let us know!


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