Men’s Summer Fashion Trends 2024


Summer is finally here, which means we can look forward to enjoying some sun, beer gardens, and outdoor adventures. However, just because the layers of our clothing are shedding with the heat does not mean that a man can’t look fashionable while still being prepared for the heat. Men’s summer fashion looks for men will become more important as people entertain at backyard barbecues and go outside.

Take off your clothes and grab a glass of water. Our men’s summer fashion guide will help you look great without having to sweat.

Men’s summer fashion shirts

A good rule of thumb for summer fashion shirt fabrics: Choose natural fibres instead of synthetic. Synthetics trap moisture and make it harder for sweat to escape. The fabric weave, weight, cut, and texture all matter. Lighter fabrics allow heat to escape while heavier fabrics trap moisture. We’ve highlighted some on-trend pieces to give your summer wardrobe an extra boost. Although cotton is the most popular fabric in all aspects of summer style for men,

Chambray Shirt

Chambray is a lightweight plain-weave fabric that can be used as a summer shirt. Chambray shirts look very similar to denim but retain the same breathable and moisture-wicking qualities of lighter fabrics. This makes them ideal for spring and warm weather. Chambray is available in several colours. However, it is always woven with white threads to give it a more pastel sheen. For men’s summer fashion, stick with light blue (the traditional), white or light red.

Linen Shirt

Linen shirts are a timeless summer staple. They are simple and elegant, yet they look great. Linen is made from flax plant fibres, making it strong, breathable, and quick-drying. It’s perfect for summer! Although linen wrinkles more easily than thicker fabrics, it is still expected. This helps to create casual and comfortable summer outfits for men. We recommend that you opt for long sleeves and button-downs when using linen. Choose olive, white, off-white and light blue shirts.

Seersucker Shirt

Seersucker is a cotton fabric that is soft and stretches away from the skin. Because the material’s rippling allows the body to keep cool, it is often used in humid climates. Seersucker is woven in a thin stripe pattern called “railway stripes”. However, you can get it in solids or fun patterns. Seersucker is more on the preppy side of summer fashion for men, so make sure it fits your style.

Slim T-shirt

A well-fitting, lightweight tee is the best summer tee. Look for lightweight shirts that are strong and comfortable but not too transparent when you lift your hand from the bottom. Stripes can be fun and not too loud. Solid colours such as persimmon and sage (light-coloured) will add personality to your wardrobe while still being able to withstand the harsh sun’s rays. Designer shirts don’t have to be expensive; you can find inexpensive tees at Uniqlo and J Crew or James. Are you looking for the perfect summer shirt? You can find our article on the most affordable T-shirt for men.

Short-Sleeve Henley

Their long-sleeved counterparts will be a staple in any fall or winter wardrobe. However, a henley with a shorter sleeve can bring some variety to your usual collection of t-shirts. Henleys take most of their design inspiration from a t-shirt but add 3-4 buttons to give them more personality.

Men’s summer pants

Perfect summer pants combine fabric and fit. This results in a pant that distributes heat while not restricting movement. 2020’s men’s fashion trends are for looser fitting pants made of linen or cotton. Skinnier and thicker fabrics get a break. A few pairs of weather-friendly pants are essential for hot nights and warmer days, even in the rising heat.

Chino Pants

The chino pants, a versatile staple that can be worn for almost any occasion, should replace your jeans. Chinos are often made from a twill weave and can be worn as a cool alternative to jeans for a neutral look. They can be worn in looser styles (certain slim fit, classic fit), with the bottom hem cuffed at least once. While khaki and navy remain the most popular colour options, you can experiment with more vibrant tones. Off-white chinos are great for summer wear from day tonight.

Linen Pants

We talked about how important linen shirts for men are in summer clothes. The same goes for pants. The result is unbridled comfort and classic style in linen trousers. Blended linen pants are better than those made from linen due to their wrinkle-prone nature. We love the James linen pants, which have a nearly even split of cotton and linen.

Jeans Lightweight

Some guys don’t want their Levi’s even in warmer weather. We’re in the same boat. Summer weight denim is made with lighter denim and thinner denim. The summer fashion for men is more light-coloured, so save the indigo denim for colder months. The 2020 summer style for men is to wear thicker jeans cuffs.

We loved Mott & Bow’s slim-fit denim for the summer!


The subject of shorts is often a sensitive one. Some men swear that they cannot see the stars, while others have enough cargo pockets to support a battalion. Men’s summer shorts should be somewhere in the middle of two long and too short. Because every man is different, there’s no one right size. Your shorts should end at your knee. It would be best if you allowed a few inches between the short fabric and your thigh. You want your shorts form-fitting and not form-defining (leave some room for imagination, gentlemen)

Cotton/Chino Shorts

The chino short is a staple item in almost all summer wardrobes for men. It keeps you cool and fashionable. Although some brands refer to their cotton shorts as chino shorts (or chino shorts), there’s no rhyme or reason. They tend to be slimmer than most other shorts. You can combine shirts and shoes with more versatile colours, such as olive, khaki and navy. Bright colours can be fine, but colours like “Nantucket red”, salmon, and other bright colours can easily get in the way of the “fratboy,” aesthetic.

Jean Shorts

Denim shorts are a classic summer fashion choice for men, even though they may acquire a taste. Jean shorts offer the convenience of denim but without the bulky length. They are the perfect fit for guys who want a little more edge to their look. Jean shorts in medium or light wash will complement summer’s colour scheme, just like regular denim.

Sweat shorts

A pair of lightweight, comfortable sweat shorts is the best option for coping with the summer heat. Although sweat shorts are the shorter version of traditional sweatpants and have a cropped style, they’re still very fashionable. A well-fitted pair of sweat pants will keep you comfortable, no matter if you’re running an errand or just lounging around.

Summer Shoes for Men

These are our top picks for men’s summer shoes. For a comfortable and dry summer, stick with light colours and choose canvas or other woven materials.

White Sneakers with low-tops

The minimalist white sneaker has proven itself time and again to be a popular choice. It’s easy to see why the stark white contrast between low-top white sneakers and more vibrant summer colours is a recipe for success. Smooth leather is the most popular white sneaker, but you can’t go wrong with perforated or canvas leather.

Boot Shoes

Boat shoes are named after their function. They were originally designed to be worn while sailing. The rubber soles were wave-like and prevented slippage on the polished deck of boats. Although boat shoes are now incorporated into many styles, they are still a staple of American prep.


Styles that are more casual than the rubber flip-flop can keep your feet cool and still look professional. These sandals are great for poolside and beachwear, but you can also use them as everyday shoes with a slingback style or slider leather sandal.


These German staples, a dressier version of the sandal, offer great support for your feet and comfort. These sandals were once considered passé, but they have made a comeback in recent times. The key to Birkenstocks is the leather choice. Oiled leather lasts longer and skews more traditional.

Men’s Summer Jackets

Even in the summer, it can still be chilly. So don’t forget to pack your outerwear. As summer turns into night, a light jacket or an overshirt can be the perfect transitional piece. These lightweight jackets are perfect for any occasion, such as a night stroll, sudden rain showers, or bonfire s’mores.


Overshirts, also known as shirt jackets, combine a button-down style with the structure of a thicker jacket to make them lightweight layers for hot summer nights. They are typically made of cotton twill and are stronger than a button-down but lighter than a jacket. This lightweight linen will, which we love from A Day’s March, is the ideal choice for summer.


Anorak is a pull-over raincoat with large chest pockets for keys, wallets, phones, etc. It’s at the intersection of form and function. Anoraks are lightweight and packable. They can be worn in light rain or on warmer summer days.

Summer Bomber Jacket

These sporty jackets are lightweight and can be used as windbreakers. They often come in nylon or polyester. For a casual, mid-century look, wear one to a game of baseball or an outdoor movie. Some bombers can double as light rain jackets, depending on their material. But they won’t have a hood so bring your umbrella.

Men’s summer fashion accessories


A pair of polarized sunglasses is the one thing you should never compromise on quality. We only have one pair of eyes (we’ll update this article when cybernetic implants are available), so make sure you protect them with tinted and polarized lenses. Our men’s sunglasses guide will help you learn all about polarization and how to pick the right pair.

5-Panel Hat

The simple, classic ballcap can be a great way to beat the summer heat. A 5-panel cap, similar to a traditional baseball cap but with a more mature style, can be used if you aren’t totally on board with the “dad hat” trend. To keep your headwear in balance, avoid wearing a neutral colour such as navy or tan. We love caps by Ebbets and Norse Projects.

Woven Belt

These belts are less formal than a traditional leather belt and come in many colours and designs that add personality to your outfit. These classic preppy styles are made from a cotton weave and have leather detailing.

Simple Watch

There’s a watch that will suit any occasion. While we don’t recommend that you break out your Rolex for casual picnics, a simple watch can add style to any man’s summer wardrobe. You might find leather straps too sloppy. Try NATO nylon straps. These straps are inexpensive and waterproof. They can also be used to refresh your watch. You’re looking for a fashionable timepiece that doesn’t cost too much.

Solid Cologne

Your style extends beyond the clothes you wear. So your scent should be no different. Solid cologne can be used as a balm to replace the usual liquid scents. It is much easier to use only the right amount of cologne to avoid being a “cologne guy”. The stuff from Duke Cannon smells great and can last years!

Socks that are no-show

We see a lot of men making the same mistake in summer fashion: their socks overpower their shoes. Although it is possible to go sockless, many people have sweaty feet that can lead to a rash of blisters. These socks should cover your entire foot from the ankle to the top of your toes. You can choose a lighter grey or socks that are closer to your skin tone. Your shoes should be the main focus, not your socks.


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