Spring Summer 2023 Fashion Trends


Although it has been a quiet fashion year, this season has seen some really bold and fashionable designs. Fashion Weeks have been dominated by large, in-charge blazers and bold blue bags. The looks of this season were influenced by some of the greatest decades. You can see why we love each one. Find serious style inspiration from Paris to Milan with the top fashion trends spotted during SS21 Fashion Weeks.

1. Oversized Shoulderpad Boyfriend Jackets

An 80s-inspired oversized boyfriend jacket will create a long, streamlined silhouette. This outerwear can be cinched in at the waist to lengthen your legs and is made with shoulder pads. For a modern style, pair this look with straight-leg trousers, or leather shorts. The best colors for this trend are neutrals, charcoal, and powder blue. This look can be dressed up or down to create a chic and effortless style.

2. Black Face Masks

Protecting yourself is important. You should do it well. These black masks look great with any outfit and provide excellent coverage for your nose, mouth, and throat. For easier breathing, choose a silky fabric or embellishments if your preference is for something more fancy. This face-covering has many styling options. You can look extremely stylish in anything, from a red trench coat to an opaque suit. There are many options that will keep you and your loved ones safe, including an accordion-style or a more traditional style.

3. Head Scarfs

This sleek fashion trend, which draws inspiration from the 60s and 50s, is back. The head scarf protects your hair and adds a finishing touch without being too extravagant. You can choose from a silky design featuring intricate floral patterns or a simple one with bold colors and block lettering. You can style this accessory by wrapping the fabric under your neck in a loose knot or hanging it off your back. Or, you could wrap it around your neck and let it hang from your bag. This classic accessory is a great way to channel Grace Kelly.

4. Sorbet Pastel Tones

Pastel tones are another trend that has been a mainstay this year. These pastel-inspired colors, which are inspired by sorbet, are a great option for summer. They also suit many skin tones. You can choose from a cool mint green boiler suit or a soft lavender trench coat. Or, you could try both. Separates and suits in soft, buttery colors will elevate your style and remain one of the most fashionable styles for many seasons.

5. Yellow Bags

Yellow bags are everywhere this season, both on the runways and in the streets. It is simple to recreate this trend and it is timeless. You can either choose a small clutch for a stylish look or a larger bag to carry your everyday essentials. You can find a variety of colors that will suit your style, and they look great when paired with brighter hues or a monochromatic outfit. For a night out, you can choose an amber-colored structured handbag or a chic canary baguette.

6. Folk Inspired Coats

These beautiful, intricate coats inspired by folk art are perfect for this season. Layers of delicate embroidery or lace can keep you warm when the temperatures drop. You can pair the intricate tapestry of each piece of outerwear with a monochrome ensemble in black or brown, or you can choose to wear it in a variety of colors for a more interesting and bright look. This trend is very easy to style and looks great on any body type.

7. White Knee High Boots

This classic pair of shoes, white knee-high boots inspired by gogo dancers, will take you back to the 1960s. This Nancy Sinatra-approved look elevates your outfit by drawing inspiration from the Youth Revolution of the mid-century. It can be worn with a mini dress, skirt or roll neck, or with funky leggings. For a casual look, go for a looser style or keep it tighter for a more sexy touch.

8. Styles for Yellow and Camel

The trend from the 70s to keep it neutral is given a facelift with camel and yellow color styling. No matter what clothes you choose, mixing and matching these colors adds depth and dimension to your ensembles. For the cooler months, a light brown suit/coat with a mustard turtleneck or a sleek tan T shirt and flared pants in camel are great options. This is the most flattering and subtle combination you can try this season.

9. Accessories in Pop Blue

You were made to be different. To update your favorite monochrome outfits, add a pop of color to the mix. This trend has many benefits. You can use it in any season. These items look best with all-black or grey outfits. Contrasting with the darker shades, the brighter hues will be more noticeable. You can mix and match accessories to find a new way to rock your key pieces.

10. Bag Fringing

Your handbag can be the focal point of your statement when it comes to making a fashion statement. The fringing of bags is one of our favorite looks this season. The tassels can be dangled close to the fabric, or they can reach the floor. This extravagant design will turn heads and make you feel chic. You can choose from leather fringe or shearling. This piece is versatile and can be worn for any season. You can keep it classic by choosing dark colors like black or brown, but you can make it stand out with bolder shades like red and green. This is the perfect item for you if you want to change up your style.


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