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Style In Simplicity: 23 Best White T-shirts For Women


A white tee shirt is an essential piece of clothing that can be worn every day.

A white t-shirt for women can be dressed up or down with a smart skirt and flats. It is timeless and versatile. Is the OG of easy chic

It is important to choose the best quality garment for such a simple garment. It’s worth spending money on the best white shirt you can find.

Yes, even a cheap one can do the job. It will last for a while. It won’t be bright white again until the opacity wears off. Also, it is more form-fitting than it is ill-fitting. The best plain white t-shirts for women will not fade, resist wear, and remain ready to go when you need them. 

Our guide covers everything from deep V’s to slouchy boyfriend vibes and everything in-between. Continue reading to find the best white tee brand.

23 best women’s white t-shirts

Rank Brand Best for
1 Cuyana Tee Best overall
2 Brunello Cucinelli Best designer
3 Hanes Nano Best value
4 James Perse Best long leeves
5 Ninety Percent Ruby Best V-neck
6 Cuyana Pima Best scoop neck
7 Rag and Bone Best crewneck
8 Amazon Essentials Best classic
9 Ninety Percent Best fitted
10 SAMPEEL Best oversized
11 Twenty Best cropped
12 Cuyana Tank Best tank
13 Cuyana Silk Tee Best dressy
14 Isabel Marant Best tie-front
15 Amazon Essentials Camisole Best singlet
16 MANGOPOP Best bodysuit
17 MIHOLL Best rolled-up sleeves
18 RE/DONE + HANES Best white cotton
19 Nili Lotan Best white linen
20 James Perse Vintage Best boyfriend
21 Dickies Best thick
22 Hanes Best budget
23 Alexander McQueen Most expensive

Cuyana Slim Crewneck Tee – Best white T-shirt for women overall

The Cuyana Slim Crewneck Tee is the perfect basic for anyone looking for a durable, long-lasting, opaque white T-shirt that will match almost any outfit.

This plain white Tee is made with durable Peruvian Pima Cotton. It features a flattering crew neck and super soft fabric. This fitted silhouette looks great tucked into jeans, a midi skirt, peeking under a structured jacket or paired with culottes.

The Cuyana Slim Crewneck T is a timeless option in a world where fast fashion has become a common faux pas. It boasts a long list of certifications that make it as gentle on your skin as possible.

Cuyana makes an effort to make sure this white Tee is as clean, pure, and innocent as possible.

For: Those who are tired of replacing their inferior white T-shirts every day and are determined to find the perfect white Tee for them.

Brunello Cucinelli Jersey Tee: The best designer white t-shirt for women

The Brunello Cucinelli Jersey Tee-shirt is both simple and luxurious. The soft, loose-fitting jersey made of stretch cotton feels great against the skin. The sleeves are rolled up.

The brand’s Monili beads are adorning the chest pocket of the Tee, creating a sophisticated blend of laid-back glamour and elegance. You will be able to catch a glimpse of the delicate beads in the sun, shining with elegance and completely understated.

Made in Italy, the fabric is made from 93% cotton (for that luxurious stretch feel) and 7% elastane (for that bright white color). It is not see-through, and it is made in Italy. You’ll be an eye-catcher for all the right reasons, so rest assured.

The Brunello Cucinelli T-shirt does what all white t-shirts are meant to do: Look and Feel effortless.

This t-shirt is best for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their wardrobe. The premium quality white tee embodies simplicity with a hint of luxury.

Hanes Women’s Nano T-shirt: The best value white tee available for women

The Hanes Women’s Nano T-shirt is a classic white shirt that won’t break the bank.

The ribbed crew neckline achieves its clean and versatile look with cute short sleeves. You can jazz it up with a funky bottom half or channel your off-duty model looks by pairing classic skinny jeans with RayBans.

The Hanes Women’s Nano Tee is made from 100% cotton with a slightly clingy fit. To elevate the t-shirt from plain Jane to London Fashion Week attendee, you will need a simple necklace or chic earrings. This Tee is so cool that it can be worn alone.

The minimal price tag allows you to keep as many as you like in your closet. You can’t have enough white tees, right? We don’t think so.

For: Those looking for a flattering, stylish white t-shirt that is affordable and offers more value than the higher-priced options.

James Perse Slub cotton Top: The best white T-shirt for women with long sleeves by James Perse

The Slub Cotton Top by James Perse is inspired by West Coast living. It exudes laid-back SoCal style.

This white Tee, with its crew neckline and long sleeves, is perfect for those in-between seasons. This white Tee is perfect for summer and winter.

100% slub cotton has been semi-sheer and was specially washed and softened so that you can get those LA vibes right away.

James Perse’s Slub cotton Top has the perfect mellow feel. It’s great for wearing with leggings, jeans, or loosely over a skirt to keep warm.

For: People who love the simplicity of a white tee but want to extend the summer spirit into winter…

Ninety Percent Ruby Tee: The Best White V-neck Women’s T-Shirt

A good V-neck tee can go with everything. V-necks look great on all body types. You can just put it on and go.

Ninety Percent’s Ruby t-shirt is as philanthropic t-shirts can get. 90% of proceeds are donated to charity. You can see the unique code on each label to find out which ones. You look great, and you feel good too.

Although it may be 90% charity fabric, you can be certain that it is 100% Organic Cotton. Yes, it’s kind on the planet. Try, and you can wear this Tee all day without feeling too glamorous or virtuous.

Thanks to its loose, slouchy fit, this tee style works well with both casual and formal looks.

For: Those looking for the most beautiful white t-shirt and women’s v neck style.

Cuyana Pima White Scoop Neck Tee: The best scoop neck T-shirt for women

The Cuyana Pima Sleeve Neck Tee is casually elegant and professional. It’s a great option for people who love the classic scoop style.

The Pima cotton shirt is 100% made by a Peruvian family-owned cooperative. It’s lightweight, soft, and durable.

This Tee is friendly for all body types and sizes thanks to its graceful fall and flattering scoop neck.

For those still looking for the perfect white t-shirt, the Pima Scoop neck Tee is the perfect classic style.

Ideal for: Those who want to update their wardrobe and have a classic white scoop neck that looks elegant and is irresistible. It takes very little effort.

Rag and Bone T-Shirt: The best crew neck white T-shirt for women

Slipping into a light-as-a-feather slub tee is so relaxing.

Rag and Bone’s Tee is made with 100% slub Pima cotton jersey and finished with a universally flattering crew neck.

This Tee is designed with a loose fit that will flatter your body. For varsity vibes, you can either tuck it in with jeans at the waist and sneakers or dress it up with a fitted jacket for Monday morning meetings.

The Tee by Rag and Bone is the perfect mix of crisp and casual. It can be anything you want it to be.

For: Those fond of a white crewneck tee and want to add some style and comfort to their everyday wardrobe.

Amazon Essentials Classic Fit Tee: The best classic white Tee available for women

Even though trends change all the time, your white Tee is guaranteed to be timeless. They never go out of fashion.

The Classic Fit T-Shirt from Amazon Essentials features a crew neck with a flattering straight hem that just touches the hips. It is timeless and elegant.

This classic white Tee is one of the most popular Amazon t-shirts. It comes in a 2-pack, much to the relief for the accident-prone.

The cotton blend produces a soft but structured finish that is great for layering and wearing alone.

If you are worried about your white t-shirts becoming a bit see-through, the Classic fit T-Shirt is just as opaque as the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. Very).

For: People who want a classic, opaque white t-shirt that looks effortless regardless of how much time you spend selecting clothes.

Ninety percent Linen-jersey Tee: The best fitting white t-shirt for women

You might already have a lot of cotton tees, or you prefer the cool and breezy feel that 100% linen offers. The Ninety Percent Linen-jersey T-shirt is a great choice.

It’s made from linen and has a slightly more fitted silhouette than its cotton counterparts. It doesn’t require an accessory and can be tucked into your favorite jeans for a preppy look.

Ninety Percent is a socially and environmentally responsible company that adds beauty to an already beautiful linen tee. Every purchase is worth 90%. 90% of every purchase (get it?) goes to a charity you choose. To find out how you can help, read the label while relaxing and feeling chic in your new Tee.

You will not only look fashionable in your Ninety percent Linen-jersey T-shirt, but you’ll also be able to brag about your newfound philanthropy.

For: People who want a white t-shirt that is a bit more fitted to structure their chill.

SAMPLE V-neck Short Sleeve: The best oversized white T-shirt for women

An oversized tee is a great way to feel cool and sassy. It’s especially good if it is white. Yes, an oversized white shirt screams confidence.

SAMPEEL’s Short Sleeve V-neck will help you feel relaxed and cool.

The SAMPLE Short Sleeve V-neck’s loose-fitting is perfect for oversized men. It is more boyfriend-fitting than baggy. The rayon fabric is lightweight and soft enough to wear with shorts in the summer. It also has breathable rayon fabric, which makes it great for hot afternoons on the beach. For a more casual look that will keep you warm, wear it under a fall coat.

Ideal for: People who don’t like to fuss about their clothes and who want an oversized white shirt that exudes laid-back, carefree vibes.

Twenty Mackay Tshirt: The best cropped white Tee available for women

Cropped t-shirts have been a rage for many years and are not likely to go away. Cropped t-shirts are a must-have in every wardrobe. The Mackay T-shirt from Twenty is a great example of this versatility.

The bright white, ribbed Tee has a super stretchy feel thanks to a small but important injection of spandex. The main material is viscose. It is made to fit like the painted leggings Olivia Newton-John wore in Grease.

A simple, white cropped shirt is easy to pair with any High-rise jeans. Check. Under dungarees? Check. Relaxed joggers? Yes.

The polo-style neck offsets a generous midriff expose, giving the Mackay T-shirt (and you) an air that often lacks cropped tops.

For those who want a chic, slim silhouette and a white cropped tee to go with everything.

Cuyana Slim Scoop tank: The best white tank for women

A white tank top is stylish and practical. Cuyana Slim Scoop Tank is unquestionably both.

This tank is stylish because of the U-scoop at the front and back. The slim fit creates a stunning silhouette.

It’s useful because every woman should have a white tank. It’s that simple. A white tank is a foundation for a well-thought-out wardrobe.

The Cuyana slim scoop tank is made in Peru with the finest Pima cotton, which promises durability and breathability.

This tank top is best for: Those who want a high-quality white tank with a striking neckline and a luxurious feel.

Cuyana Silk Tee: The best white dressy T-shirt for women

You know white t-shirts can also be dressed up. The trick is to choose the right one. Enter: The Cuyana Silk Tee

Soft cotton and linen are great for casual wear. Sometimes you just need something glam for a special occasion, such as a lunch date with the ladies or a dinner party.

This silk tee from Cuyana’s ‘elevated everyday collection’ features subtle keyhole detailing at the back and a flowing high-low hem that can be worn loose or tucked in.

The Silk Tee, made from Chinese silk, is soft and luxurious. It has a subtle shimmer that is sophisticated and faintly shimmery.

For: People who want something more than a white t-shirt and look for something luxurious, such as silk draped in Chinese silk.

Isabel Marant White Belita Tee: The best tie-front white t-shirt for women

The Isabel Marant Belita T-shirt is the exception to the rule.

The Tee is made from crisp cotton and features an eye-catching, knotted waist. Even if you have the worst day, you can rest assured that it will keep its shape and look great (unless you happen to spill coffee …)!).

The tie-front can be adjusted to suit your individual preferences.

A solid structure is a key to Belita. The Belita tee is one step beyond its thick shoulder padding, creating a strong silhouette that exudes #girlboss spirit.

The Isabel Marant white Belita T-shirt’s mid-weight fabric is not transparent. We’d even go so far as to say that this Tee is completely opaque, scoring it a 10/10.

This t-shirt is best for: Those who want a white tee to make a statement. With a tee, you can feel confident, powerful, and, most importantly, stylish.

Amazon Essentials Slim Fit Camisole: The best white singlet for women

A great singlet is the foundation of every woman’s success. No matter her status or profession, a white singlet is essential for every woman’s wardrobe. Amazon Essentials’ slim-fit camisole is the ideal choice for those looking to make their wardrobe complete.

It is 95% cotton and a little spandex for a stretchy feel. The spaghetti straps are adjustable to make it a slimline layering favorite.

The bright white Slim fit camisole has an extremely flattering scoop neck. It can be tucked into jeans or high-waisted pants easily. The best part is? They come in four-packs, so you always have one.

For: Women who love layering and looking for a basic garment that makes every day a great day.

MANGOPOP Bodysuit: The best white Bodysuit for women

Bodysuits are no longer restricted to retro disco clubs with their bright lights and glitter balls. With their recent revival, these little beacons for style and convenience are happily back in our wardrobes.

MANGOPOP’s Bodysuit deserves to be a staple in your wardrobe. Its round neck, adorable short sleeves, and close-fitting make it great for layering or simply wearing alone with your favorite skirt, shorts, or jeans. It also has a snap closure that makes it easy to put on or take off.

The MANGOPOP Bodysuit allows seamless tucking, eliminating any hassle caused by snagged fabric (if you know). You can have seamless contours all day.

Ideal for: Women looking for an affordable, high-quality bodysuit that can be paired with almost any outfit in their wardrobe.

MILL Vneck: The best white T-shirt for women with roll-up sleeves

The MILL V neck radiates chic utility with rolled sleeves and a chest pocket. The fit is slightly larger than usual, but the lightweight fabric falls gently to the hem, giving off breezy feelings.

This opaque white tee-shirt is a great choice for women whose style leans a bit more bohemian.

The casually rolled sleeves and deep V-neck combine well to make a look that is easy-going and wearable. You can also spice it up with your favorite jewels.

The MILL V-neck has wide arms that allow for lots of movement. While clingy and fitted look great, it’s not always easy to be free-flowing and effortless. Relaxed style.

Those who want a white t-shirt with sleeves that are rolled up and casual but still need comfort.

Re/DONE + Hanes cotton jersey Tshirt: The best white cotton t-shirt for women

RE/DONE has teamed up with Hanes, a t-shirt expert, to create this stunning Tee that will fit right into your most-loved section’ of your wardrobe as if it were born there.

This Tee’s simplicity is its greatest strength. This Tee is made from 100% cotton jersey and features a flattering crew neck with ribbed trims.

Slim-fit will suit all body types and sizes. The hem is just below your hips. The RE/DONE+ Hanes cotton-jersey T-shirt is pure quality and can be worn in any way you like.

You can dress it up or down and make the most of the white color to match your summer tan. You can also lounge around in it. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel beautiful.

For: People who love a 100% cotton t-shirt with a soft, luxurious feel.

Nili Lotan Irving linen shirt: The best white linen Tshirt for women

Okay, okay. Okay. This Tee is a delight for those who love a natural color palette.

This 100% linen, loose-fitting Tee says a lot without saying much. In the coolest way, the #idc silhouette and dropped shoulders are understated.

This Tee is light and airy, falling perfectly in a cascade made of pure, natural linen.

Linen is a strong natural fiber that’s also breathable. The Nili Lotan Irving T-shirt is a great choice for warm summer days or as a key piece to your autumnal layering. The light cream color makes a great pair with a deep summer tan.

For: Women who love luxury and linen and want to add a touch of au natural flair to their daily dressing.

James Perse Vintage Boy cotton jersey T-shirt: The best boyfriend white t-shirt for women

You can enjoy the comfort and serendipitous styling of a boyfriend shirt without having to raid your boyfriend’s laundry basket. This is great news for you and your boyfriend.

So, rather than ‘borrowing’ your boyfriend/brother/friends-with-benefits favorite white Tee, you can keep the peace and just pick up one of James Perse’s Vintage Boy cotton-jersey t-shirts instead.

This boyfriend tee is a top-selling style from the brand. It features a relaxed fit and a crew neckline. The combed cotton jersey makes it feel like a boyfriend’s favorite Tee.

For: Men who want to have all the style and comfort of an oversized boyfriend shirt without having to raid your boyfriend’s closet or even being with a man. Yay.

Dickies Heavyweight Tshirt: The best thick white Tee for women

Dickies Heavyweight Tee is the best heavyweight white Tee to get you through winter’s chills.

The 100% cotton is thick so that it can be an additional layer underneath a wooly jumper or cozy puffer jacket. It’s also white so you can pair it with anything.

This Tee is a real powerhouse. While the cotton is thick and warm, it’s also light and breathable. You get the best of both.

The chest pocket is both a nod towards utilitarian design and extremely versatile. Dickies Heavyweight Tee is perfect for days when you want to get things done.

For: People who value strength, durability, and a simple white t-shirt for women, not see-through.

Hanes V-neck Tee for Women: The best budget white T-shirt

We often need to purchase white tees over and over. Sometimes it’s not our fault, and sometimes an erratic driver jerked your coffee.

Sometimes we can see that we may need more than one white Tee, just in case. White is not difficult to maintain.

The Hanes V neck Tee is here! This Tee is shockingly cheap but has a lot of cool features.

This simple-looking white Tee has many hidden talents, including UV protection and moisture control technology. It does a great job keeping you cool in hot weather and vice versa. Impressive, right?

The v-neck isn’t all work and play. The v-neck looks great and is very flattering. It’s also tax-free, so you can get on with your day without worrying about that annoying itching.

For: People looking for a white budget t-shirt that they can afford in tens (or even hundreds) of dollars. You should always have a reliable white t-shirt in your bag.

Alexander McQueen Poplin Tee: The most expensive white t-shirt for women

White t-shirts are everywhere, but Alexander McQueen’s white T-shirts are the best. This one, predictably, might get a few more heads.

The ruffled poplin shirt is a new way to elevate a white tee. It’s feminine and eye-catching. You’ll get a lot of compliments on your next brunch date.

Graduating ruffles lead to a flattering, asymmetrical hem. The soft-cotton jersey feels luxurious to the touch but has the structure of a much more structured fabric.

For the ultimate WOW factor, pair the Alexander McQueen Poplin shirt with smart trousers or chunky shoes.

For: People who want a white shirt that will make them stand out and create a stir.

Guide to buying your favorite white Tee

The humble white Tee is the most worn item in a woman’s wardrobe. It’s worth spending some time to determine what type of tee suits you best.


White tees are simple and leave little room for error. Unsightly sweat marks can be your biggest enemy when you try to wear your Tee.

Choose a fabric that is both durable and breathable. The best options are cotton and linen. Try to find a tee made from 100% of one or both.

You can also choose a garment with a little spandex or elastane if you like a bit of stretch in your Tee.

The perfect neckline

There are many necklines, but the most popular are the crew, scoop and v-neck.

Crew necks have become very popular due to their flattering fit for all body types. A crew neck is especially good for pear shapes since tees in this style draw the eye upwards towards the neck and shoulders, which balances out the juicy pear shape.

Scoop necks look great on rectangular bodies. The plunge, rounded neck adds the illusion of curves and shape to an angular frame or athletic one.

V necks are a laid-back style that works well with all body types. They are especially flattering for those with inverted triangle shapes. Vertical lines can be used to lengthen the upper torso, creating a more hourglass shape.


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