The Best Designer Jewelry Brands for Women: A Special Sparkle


The best jewelry for women isn’t just a status symbol or trinket. It tells a story. Truly great jewelry brands create memories and treasured possessions.

No matter if you love the classics (diamond rings or stud earrings) or the modern and stylish (dozens of earrings in one ear, stacks, rings and layered necklaces), who doesn’t enjoy a new piece?

The best jewelry brands today are creating new designs at an affordable price. You can add new pieces to your already full jewelry collection, but it’s less of a guilty pleasure and more of a smart investment.

Some jewelry brands are obvious, like Tiffany & Co., whose little blue box is instantly recognizable all over the globe. It is one of the most iconic and influential jewelry brands.

Not every woman is interested in jewelry from a well-known brand. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting designers we have yet to meet. These brands are hidden gems. Their collections are well worth looking at.

These are the top designer jewelry brands for women, whether you are looking for gifts for your girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter or close friend.

Our style guide will help you choose the right jewelry brand for you.


Missoma, a London-based designer jewel brand, is the best for affordable jewelry that has been loved by royalty.

Missoma is a celebrity favorite, and Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton love it.

It’s also a woman-founded company, which is something we all want but need more of. Missoma’s fine jewelry and demi-fine collections are designed to instill confidence while relying ethically upon production.

There are many beautiful designs available, including classic gold chains, coin pendants, and charm hoops. These are stunning enough to be worn by themselves, but they look great when layered. It’s about expressing yourself and having fun with everyday jewelry.

High quality, fashionable, affordable and sustainable jewelry? It’s so popular that we keep telling all our friends.

Style: Staples to stack until your heart’s content


Swarovski is the high-end jewel brand that can transform your everyday life into a red carpet moment. The Oscars would not be The Oscars if it weren’t for the Swarovski crystals that make designer outfits sparkle; the Met Gala wouldn’t be the same without them.

Swarovski crystals look like diamonds, but without the high-end price tag. They are stunning and irresistible but still very wearable. Swarovski’s crystal jewelry has been a favorite of Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Swarovski’s statement jewelry, including cocktail rings, chokers, bracelets, and chokers–makes unique gifts for any woman (and men). To learn more about the brand, check out our review of Swarovski Collection.

Style: Statement pieces that are worthy of the red carpet 

Bryan Anthony’s

Bryan Anthony’s jewelry is not only beautiful to look at but also has a profound meaning. It is one of the most sought-after designer jewelry brands. The brand’s name is in honor of the brother who died tragically at 18. Its ethos revolves around living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed and carefully thought out. For example, the Pause Necklace is designed to remind you to take a moment and breathe. This will help you to find strength even in tough times. The Beautifully Broken bracelet reminds us that beauty is in all of our imperfections.

We love Bryon’s designs in pairs, one for you and one to gift a loved one. For example, the Through Thick & Thin necklaces or the Soul Sisters rings are perfect gifts for your best friend.

Style: thoughtful jewelry with a message


Popular jewelry brand gorjana created simple, elegant, and affordable jewelry for modern women. It has exceeded all expectations in its offerings.

Gorjana’s range of casual pieces is perfect for everyday wear. It also has some of the most beautiful jewelry for women.

This brand is very heavy on the yellow it’s no surprise that gorjana, a jewelry designer, hails from California, also known as the Golden State. If you prefer, there is silver, bronze and rose gold.

Gorjana’s jewelry is a perfect blend of contemporary elegance and luxury, with everything from engravable bracelets to dog-tag necklaces and coin-tag necklaces.

gorjana offers exquisite, modern jewelry at an affordable price. It is worth knowing.

Style: quintessentially Californian


Cuyana bags, Cuyana leggings and Cuyana jewelry are all examples of the sustainable luxury fashion brand. We can’t blame them. Cuyana is the best for timeless designs that are not only timeless but also transcend trends.

The brand’s current jewelry collection consists only of earrings and embellishments. However, the brand’s ethos of “Fewer, Better Things” means that less is always more. 

Cuyana offers eight stunning sculptural designs. These include the striking rose-inspired petal-hoop earrings and the Luna Ear Jacket. This three-piece system allows you to experiment and customize the earring to suit your style preferences.

Cuyana’s embellishments offer a unique way for wearers to personalize any hoop earrings and create an on-trend, asymmetrical look.

For women who love to be different, earring designs for them. Cuyana, your one-stop-shop and one of our top-selling jewelry brands, is here.

Style Versatile and Minimalist


Capsul, a jewelry brand based in Los Angeles, is American and sees the future. Capsul uses the most recent 3D printing technology to create unique designs personalized according to the wearer. It draws inspiration from everything, from your handwriting and the sound of your voice.

Capsul jewelry is unique in that you will never see another person wearing it. The price is still affordable despite the quality and care that went into each design.

Your signature can be made into a necklace. You can capture the voice of your child in sound waves and wear it on a bracelet. You can also commemorate your wedding anniversary with a ring in Roman numerals. Capsul is one of the most fashionable jewelry brands. Its designs make the perfect gift, either for someone you love or for yourself.

Capsul jewelry is the brand that you should be looking for. These pieces can make any pair of pajamas more sophisticated.

Style cutting-edge and customizable

Ariel Gordon

The best women’s jewelry is a wardrobe essential, just like your favorite jeans and flats. Ariel Gordon, a designer, aims to make pieces that are as wearable as possible every day.

The AGJ collection is built on versatility. You’ll find many customization and delicate pieces that you can layer to create different looks. The So Cal luxury brand is the heart of the vibe: elegant and casual, but still sophisticated and stylish.

There are pearls, diamonds, enamel-work and enamel-work. You can also find motifs that range from elephants and moons to apples and strawberries. You should also check out the personalized options available, such as the Name Itstud earrings and medallion signet necklaces.

This fashionable jewelry brand is committed to quality and sustainability. They use only conflict-free stones when crafting their jewelry.

Ariel Gordon Jewelry was designed for the modern, adventurous woman. This almost certainly includes you.

Style: ultra-modern luxury

Fernando Jorge

All the Brazilian organic sensuality, vivacity, and energy are paired with the creativity and edge of East London. This cultural harmony is the foundation of Fernando Jorge’s jewelry line.

Fernando Jorge’s designs, which incorporate gold, diamonds and topazes into an irresistible display of color and grace, are delicate and sculptural. The designs also feature experimental cuts and forms that place the designs in the 21st Century.

The company is one of the most popular designer jewelry brands for women, with a fresh and modern mood. However, the creations show a level of technical skill that you would associate with historical fine jewelry traditions.

The brand’s spirit is captured in the names of the pieces: flame, flicker, flarebeacon, ignite and gleam. These designs display a fiery individuality. They are filled with passion, soul and energy, making Fernando Jorge jewelry a great choice for women who want to stand out from others.

Style complex and individual


Barkev’s is a world-renowned jewelry designer if you are only interested in jewelry that sparkles.

Barkev’s knows that diamonds are timeless. This collection is truly dazzling. Because what special occasion is complete without some sparkle?

One of the brand’s collections of diamond bracelets will give you all the glam. You can also indulge in some mega-bling with one of the brand’s irreplaceable diamond rings. Barkev’s diamond earrings are the perfect accent to any outfit.

You can channel some royal-family-worthy elegance with luxury jewelry brands. The spotlight will stay on you all night. These pieces are guaranteed to be family heirlooms.

Team Barkev’s jewelry with your favorite fragrance. And, quite frankly, nobody will notice what you’re wearing.

Style unapologetic opulence

Camille Jewelry

Camille is a great brand for affordable jewelry. Its beautiful designs make Camille a blessing. These pieces can be placed in your backpack without worrying about whether they will get lost. They won’t cause financial ruin if you lose them.

Designer Camille Codorniu, who previously worked at Michael Kors and Giorgio Armani, created the brand. It offers jewelry lovers a wide range of intriguing and unique creations that combine soft femininity and contemporary cool.

Every piece feels contemporary but has a touch of timeless and ethereal.

The Phoenix-inspired designs with tiny gold beaks are our favorite. We also love the pieces named after Thyra, a Scandanavian goddess. We can’t help but love the studs that have ear cuffs.

Camille Jewelry blends masterful craftsmanship with sophistication and sensitivity. It’s no surprise that the brand is one of the most loved jewelers today.

Style Timeless with a Twist


Bonito calls itself wearable art. This is a philosophy that we can certainly get behind. What can we do with expert technique and amazing artistry? Yes, please.

Bonito’s jewelry is the brainchild of Australian jewel designers, and it is hand-crafted in Bali & India.

Ear climbers that look like the phases of the moon. Also, earrings are inspired by Lotus flowers. Coin necklaces are named after Artemis, the Greek goddess. Rings are named after Gaia, the personification of Mother Earth.

You can choose the piece that speaks to you. Mix and match pieces, or look through the brand’s earring trios or layering sets for inspiration. Fancy more personalization? You can make your earring-stacking experience even more personal with letter pendants. They are made from mini Huggies and hang from an earring hook.

Bonito also donates 5% of its profits to social enterprise projects all over the world. This is the final reason this brand makes some of the most beautiful jewelry for women.

Style: ethereal elegance

Charles & Colvard

Charles & Colvard, the brand behind moissanite (a diamond made of silicon carbide), pioneers lab-grown gemstones. They provide high-quality gemstones at a low price that have a minimal environmental impact.

Charles & Colvard is the best place to start if you are looking for conflict-free, lab-grown diamonds. Let’s face it; ethical diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Charles & Colvard pieces are guaranteed to have luster, luxury and superior style. This synthetic jewelry brand should be on your list if you are planning to propose.

Even if you are already married or have never been married, Charles & Colvard is well worth looking. Their timeless profiles and exceptional quality distinguish the brand’s pieces. They range from elegant, understated tennis bracelets up to effortlessly elegant diamond earrings.

Charles & Colvard combines beauty and sustainability to offer timeless pieces for ethically-minded jewelry lovers.

Style: a creative spin on classic luxury

Sincerely, Silver

Sincerely Silver creates beautiful jewelry. This is not jewelry that should be hidden in a box and taken out every few years. This jewelry can be worn to work every day, as well as to important black-tie events.

Sincerely Silver does not only make silver jewelry, despite its name. You also have the option to choose from 14k and rose gold. There are many options for personalization. You can have a bracelet personalized with your initials and a necklace personalized with your message written in your handwriting.

The other why not transform the soundwave of an object into a timeless and original design?

You can even have your baby’s fingerprint engraved on jewelry or if you are a dog owner, a Paw-print. We love the idea that coordinates can be engraved on a necklace. 

Sincerely Silver is a top-rated designer jewelry brand that creates jewelry that is unique to you. You create pieces that are personal and tell your story.

Style: exceptionally beautiful and personal


Are you looking for unmistakably current jewelry? Do you want something dynamic, forward-thinking, and playful? Jewelry that isn’t too serious TOUS is one of the most fashionable jewelry brands in the world.

What is the best way to communicate TOUS spirit? It’s like a celebration. It’s a celebration of snakes, horses, elephants and four-leaf clovers. Words like lucky and scissor-shaped pendants are all seen in the collection.

The paperclip earrings are a striking example of a cool and edgy style. The brand’s ear cuffs have a flirty appeal. It’s whimsical, offbeat, and imaginative, and we are seduced.

The overall mood is more casual than formal, but more simple options like the TOUS choker, which can be worn for work or Friday night cocktails. Check out their ladies’ watches.

Play with the brand’s quirky motifs and ring stacking. Think of the teddy bears and hearts dancing up your ears. There are no rules with TOUS.

Style: whimsical and playful


The best jewelry for women captures something special and intimate. It’s as if it was made just for you. Capucine jewelry is made just for you.

The C in Capucinne is for custom, and the brand specializes in bespoke and unique rings. Each client is carefully selected for the best gemstones and created jewelry that reflects their individuality.

These expert jewel designers will help you design the ring of YOUR dreams. You can also customize any of the brand’s bracelets or necklaces with your name or any other word of your choosing as a monogram.

The brand’s rest of the jewelry range is delicate and suitable for everyday wear. We love Capucinne’s collection of rings with raw gemstones. Unrefined is what nature intended.

Style: effortlessly graceful

Style guide: How to choose designer jewelry for women

It’s a personal decision to choose a piece of jewelry (or jewelry according to British spelling).

Occasional vs. everyday jewelry

You are looking for something that you can wear on special occasions or something you can wear every day? 

Consider comfort, versatility, and quality when choosing a unique piece of jewelry you can wear every day. You want it to go with everything and to withstand some wear and tear.

We like simple, timeless designs that are clean-lined and elegant, such as a gold bangle or a pair of diamond earrings.

Extravagant can be made for special occasions jewelry. Be sure to look out for bold designs that have the WOW factor.

Which material is the best?

Jewelry is usually made of Silver, gold or platinum. These metals are combined to make an alloy.

Silver has a longer life expectancy and is less expensive than platinum or gold. Some people may be allergic to Silver.

Sterling silver is a silver-copper alloy. Platted Brass is a cheaper and more durable alternative to Silver.

Gold jewelry is available in a range of 14- to 21-karats. Jewelry can also be found in white, yellow, or rose gold.

Platinum, the most valuable metal, is extremely strong, but it is also very rare.

Warm skin tones make women look beautiful with gold and copper metals, while those with blue undertones are best suited for silver and pewter jewelry.

Consider jewelry that incorporates your birthday stone when searching for gems. Pearls will always look timeless.

Here are 6 ways to choose the right jewelry

  1. Match your earrings to your face shape. For those with triangular, heart-shaped or round faces, teardrop and chandelier earrings are best. For women with shorter or more narrow faces, studs and hoops are best them. Women with square-shaped faces prefer circular earrings. Any earrings will work well with oval-shaped faces.
  2. The most versatile necklaces are the princess or matinee ones. They fall between the collarbones and the bust at approximately 45 to 65 cm in length. 
  3. choker is something you might consider. These are extremely in-style right now. Layering with necklaces longer than the length is a good idea.
  4. If you are looking to stack bracelets, choose a mix of shapes and weights while sticking to the same type of metal.
  5. You should choose rings that have smooth surfaces if you work with your hands. There are no diamonds to catch on your fingers or engravings that could get stuck.
  6. midi-ring is something you might consider. These trendy rings sit high above the lower knuckle and look great when worn together with other rings.

Selecting the right brand

We considered design, quality, craftsmanship when deciding which women’s jewelry brands to choose. It’s worth looking beyond the most well-known jewelry brands.

Many brands, which don’t usually make jewelry, are starting to expand their collections.

In collaboration with Logan Hollowell, the company launched its first jewelry collection. The pieces were inspired by mindfulness which is also the foundation of yoga practice.


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