Top 80s Fashion Trends for Women – 20 Outfit Ideas


Fashion of the 1980s was bold, courageous, and loud. This is what fashion should be in its most authentic sense. While we talk about women setting the standards, women are also known for creating new styles and dresses that continue to be a signature statement. Some of these styles were not able to survive and some were overhyped, but most survived the changes. You are mistaken if you think it’s just the 90s that is returning. The 80s are slowly, subtly and silently but surely coming back. This time machine will take you back in time to see what women did. Let’s take an in-depth look at fashion trends from the 80s and get some inspiration.

20 Fashion Trends That Inspired Women’s Outfits in the 80s

1. Fashion for the 80s

Perming your hair is the best way to transform and teleport to the 80s. You can wear bold colors and add leg warmers or knee socks to your pants. Although it may sound absurd, men used to wear underpants on top of their pants. We’ll pretend that it’s not true.

2. LBD in 80s Style

The little black dress is a classic that has been worn for many years. Do you know how to make it 80s-inspired? Add a jacket, blazer or coat with shoulder pads. This was a popular 80s trend and still a huge part of fashion. It’s not surprising that it’s back in fashion right now. You can continue the theme by wearing voluptuous, colorful pants. If you don’t feel like being too out there, you can still wear your skinnies.

3. Florals and Neon Colors

You and I would think ten times before we put on this outfit today. Back in those days, fashion was not considered incorrect. There were rules back then, but people accepted change and spontaneity more readily than they do today. This is also a great choice if you’re going to an 80s show or fancy dress.

4. 80s Fashion for Workout

They were not subtle in their workout clothes, weren’t they? Back then, running shorts and flashy T-shirts were very common. This is a great place to start if you are looking for inspiration and a way to stand out.

5. Pleated Trousers

In the 1980s, trousers were as popular as jeans. They were usually high-waisted. They look great paired with a crop top.

6. Blouse Printed

Women favored structured outfits, printed blouses and shoulder-padded jackets. It’s obvious that they loved large-sized clothing.

7. High Waisted Denims

The 80s fashion trend for high-waisted clothing was the high-waisted look. It’s all because Tina Turner made it popular. It was also common to fully tuck your shirt.

8. Fashion Accessories for the 80s

For the longest time, women have been at the forefront of accessory design. Famous big hoops, which were popular in the 80s, are still a huge hit today. Women could add bolder elements to their outfits with bandanas , chunky jewelry and crystal watches as well as fanny packs .

9. Blazer with Shoulder Pads

You can choose a floral blazer or one with shoulder pads – these are the things you should look for when shopping for an 80s formal look.

10. Ankle boots and striped pants

In the 1980s, women preferred tights, big-printed pants, tights and stretchy trousers. Another obsession was boots, so it seems that it all began there.

11. Members Only Jacket and Bandana

Jackets for Members Only (that looked like bomber vests) were luxury goods back then. You can wear one of these jackets over high-waisted skirts or denim shorts. Secure your hair with a bandana. To complete the look, wear oversized shades.

12. Polka Dots Waist Belt and Dress

Polka dot dresses scream retro. You can add a belt to cinch at the waist, and some chunky jewelry.

13. Denim Jacket

Here are some proofs that denim jackets have been staples in your wardrobe since forever. While the denim jacket has seen many iterations in order to keep up with fashion trends, it is still a timeless classic.

14. Vintage long skirt

The 80s women were not afraid to be vibrant, and they didn’t worry as much about being minimalistic. A denim skirt with a brightly colored top was the best option for party outfits. Vintage skirts were also acceptable with flashy shoes.

15. Party Sequined Jumpsuit

In the 1980s, bodysuits, jumpsuits and overalls were all a staple of party wear. Beyonce, Rihanna and Gigi Hadid all wear similar dresses and have an 80s flair to their outfits if you pay attention. If you’re going to an 80s themed party, you have many options.

16. Knee-High Socks

If you want to add a retro or 80s element to your outfit, don’t be afraid to wear knee-high socks. Today we talk about bold dressing, but they were definitely more confident than us and could do it better than anyone.

17. Leopard Print Fashion

Although it is difficult to style animal prints, they are timeless. These prints were used in handbags, scarves, shoes, dresses and shoes by designers. The 80s were a great decade for leopard print and snake print.

18. Overall

Because overalls were popular back in the day, they are still a great way to make an outfit retro. If you’re feeling bold, you can pair them with an off-shoulder or high-neck top.

19. High Waisted Skirts and Ruffle Top

The 80s’ version of off-shoulders was the ruffled crop tops. A high-waisted skirt was another smart choice.

20. Denim and T-Shirts in Oversized Size

These are the things that most people live in, and they’re not new. These aren’t new inventions and certainly not a millennial trend. The punk rock culture of old was known for wearing large T-shirts and tucking them into denims.

It was a sweet revival. It’s easy to relate to if you were born in the 1980s. If you are not from the 80s, I hope that you find enough inspiration to incorporate some of it into your daily outfits or for a themed party. Which 80s fashion style do you love the most? Is it true that fashion was more authentic back in the 80s? Do you like the way style has changed with time? Drop a comment below to let us know what you think.


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