What Fashion Trend Did “miami Vice” Help Make Popular?


It is important to ask: What fashion trends did “miami Vice” contribute to making popular? Miami Vice is a TV series that was popular in the 1980’s. It had a significant impact on the larger screen. Don Johnson played the main character of Sony Crockett, who had a profound impact on culture at that time. Fashion was the most significant impact of the show. People still follow the fashion trends that were introduced by the show to this day.

While Sony Crockett was the main protagonist, he also had Ricardo Tubbs as his sidekick. These two men revolutionized fashion in the 80’s. They were the coolest detectives. There were probably several detective shows at once, but none of them had the style these guys had. It was very interesting and still references to this day.

Pastel colors

The colors used by the stars in their wardrobes are one of the most prominent fashion trends that you will see if you watch the series. This fashion trend was huge in the 1980’s and continues to be popular today. This show didn’t like dark colors.

No Socks are a Trend

Sony Crockett, the main character in the series, was never seen with socks even though he was wearing formal shoes or blazers. If you go to Miami, you will see that no socks are a popular trend.

V-neck T-shirts

Another question that can be answered is “Miami Vice”, which Fashion Trend helped make more popular. The V-neck T-shirts were worn by the characters of Miami Vice, often paired with their jackets and trousers. This trend sees t-shirts being tucked into the trouser just as Don does in front.

Unique Style Blazers

This trend was popularized by Ricardo Tubbs. Crockett’s side kick wore a double-breasted, sleek, and matched trouser. This style included wearing a tee-shirt and rolling up the sleeves on the blazer. This trend is still followed by many people to this day.

Shoulder Paddles

Shoulder pads in jackets, blazers and even t-shirts were a major fashion trend at that time. The show featured shoulder pads on every item.

Wayfarer Shades

Last but not the least. The most well-known fashion trend, if you ask the question “What Fashion Trend Did Miami Vice Make Most Popular?” Wayfarer shades are a popular fashion trend. Wayfarer glasses were the most popular trend on the show. The main fashion trends that made Miami Vice so popular were the pastel glasses and the wayfarer glasses. Although they all made Miami Vice fashionable, these two were the most popular. We think.


A Little History On The Show

Miami Vice lasted for five seasons and had a significant influence on a number of films. Although it was not acknowledged by the producers, movies like Bad Boys 2, To Live and Die In L.A. and Bad Boys 2 heavily drew inspiration from Miami Vice. All three films featured undercover cops who went to great lengths to capture their target.

A few video games also paid tribute to Miami Vice. Grand Theft Auto Vice City and its prequel Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories. These video games make several references to the television series.

Being From The Filming Of Miami Vice

Being from Miami, I can say that Miami Vice still has an enormous influence on fashion in Miami. You could see most people in Miami wearing pastel colors and wayfarers with sockless shoes during the summer. It’s a trend that I believe will be around forever in Miami. The film was shot on ocean drive, one of Miami Beach’s main streets. It is lined with hotels. The pastel-colored lights of all the hotels along this street at night are a sign of their hospitality. We don’t know if they are paying tribute to Miami Vice, but we believe so. It is amazing to think that a television program from nearly 40 years ago can have such an impact on a city. Miami Vice was a great show and will always be remembered as one of the greatest things that happened in Miami.

This is a cultural shift or a fashion trend that has taken control of a city, and perhaps many other cities across the country.

On a business level, we are not interested in fashion. Yes, on a personal level. But it is not something that we are passionate about. We know all about Miami, so we are happy to help you if you’re visiting. Although we are not a vending machine company, we do know all about Miami.


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