TikTok is more than a social media platform for making prank videos or doing clever DIYs. The app, which is primarily used by Gen Z and Millennials, has become a reporting platform for the latest fashion aesthetics . What is the newest trend? Twee.

TikTokers have gathered and created a variety of fashion aesthetics during the pandemic years. We have seen Y2K and cottagecore as well as dark academia, the coconut girl and cabincore all over our screens and in our wardrobes. Twee is not the only viral trend, but a subset of us (ahem Tumblr girls!) are delighted.

What is twee fashion anyway?

You may have seen #twee on TikTok, which has 78.3M users and counting. It’s possible that you are having nostalgic flashbacks or feeling confused by the larger term.

If you don’t know what “twee” means, it is a British term that refers to “excessively, affectedly quaint. pretty or sentimental”. The trend’s heyday is remembered by pop culture icons like Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung. However, the internet unanimously named Zooey Deschanel the queen of twee. Think 500 Days Of SummerNew Girl.

It’s a fashion trend which combines British prep with bold colors, demure accessories, and salutes vintage silhouettes and printed. The twee-verse is awash in Peter Pan collars, colorful tights and satchels.

How to nail it

The internet is still debating whether or no twee should be making a comeback, but we support people wearing the clothes that make them happy. We love the emphasis on vintage pieces and how accessible and affordable this trend is. thrift shop anyone?

If you’re looking to dive into the trend, noteworthy twee essentials include oversized collars, glasses, loafers, vintage-inspired skirts and dresses, and hair accessories of all varieties–headbands, bows, supersized scrunchies, you name it. These six twee outfits are approved by 2022.

A collared top

A collared sweater is the perfect way to make your look more sophisticated. For a casual outfit you can wear with friends, but professional enough to work in the office, add vintage jeans and loafers. A cheeky, eye-catching patterned bag will elevate your twee style.

A beret

For a stylish twee look that can be worn in cold weather, pick your favorite sweater and combine it with a wool beret. Add a pair chunky loafers to complete the look. They are the embodiment of the original twee movement.

High-waisted shorts

Dressing twee means embracing vintage silhouettes, fun patterns, and dressing up in them. For a vibrant look, layer a Peter Pan collared blouse over high-waisted pants and a colorful cardigan. You can layer a pair of tights underneath the shorts for colder weather. You can finish it with a Mary Jane flats or a structured bag that pays homage to the original trend.

A vintage-feeling, sleeveless dress

With pearl jewelry and a vintage-inspired dress, you can twee-ify your office appearance. Satchels are not only stylish, but they can also be used to carry your laptop and other essentials to work. To add visual interest and charm, choose one in a striking color.


Pair overalls with a blouse and floral-printed hair bow for a casual look that shouts “strolling through a park”. A rattan bag can be the perfect accessory for the warmer weather.


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